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Iveco opens in Valladolid the first photovoltaic “Smart Flower” of the Castilla y León industry

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Iveco has installed in its factory in Valladolid a “Smart Flower”, a generator of photovoltaic energy that simulates the behavior of a sunflower and follows the solar path through an astronomical control system that allows its panels to always be placed at a 90º angle with respect to the sun.

Thanks to this, it is able to achieve optimal results in the generation of energy, up to 40% more than static plates. Easy installation and high performance. Another advantage of this technology is its operation, fully automatic and the practical absence of maintenance, with functions of self-cleaning and self-ventilation, so that its performance is not affected by dirt or high temperatures. According to the company, it is the first installation of these characteristics that is used in the industry of Castilla y León.

An efficient and innovative plant
The Iveco plant in Valladolid has received numerous awards and recognitions for its innovation and sustainability. In 2017 he received the 2017 Cegos Prize for a project based on the application of immersive virtual reality environments to practical training processes in the workstations of a vehicle manufacturing plant.

To do this, a virtual simulation space was created, built together with the assembly lines themselves, in which the student interacts with 360º glasses, headphones and actuators for the hands.

The sustainability effort of this plant goes far beyond its production, energy and recycling systems. And it is that Iveco is promoting the sustainable mobility of its workers with different programs that pursue the objective of reducing, even more, the CO2 emissions related to the productive processes. To do this, a carpooling platform and a specific parking space have been created to maximize car sharing.

The use of the electric bike is also encouraged, rewarding the best suggestions among its operators with the gift of the same, always with the objective of reducing the CO2 emissions impact of the Plant. And for employees who live closer, the # Reto10000pasos was launched with the Adecco Foundation. This program seeks to encourage employees who can, go to work walking; giving, at least, 10,000 steps every day. This action has, in addition, a solidarity background, because if the sum of all the steps of the employees covers the distance that exists between the Iveco locations in Valladolid, Turin and Illinois (15,434 kilometers), 6,000 euros will be donated to favor inclusion employment of people with some disability.

The Economist – 02/26/2018 (Translation Soft)

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