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Iveco insists in Barcelona that the only real alternative to diesel is through natural gas

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In a conference organized by Iveco in Barcelona to disseminate the technology of natural gas applied to road transport, the director of the brand in Spain, Gaetano de Astis, stressed that “natural gas is the only real alternative to diesel for transport of merchandise by road “. The manufacturer recently presented its model Stralis NP 460 powered by LNG, with a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm and a range of up to 1,600 km.

During the meeting, which took place in the Barcelona town of San Sadurni de Anoia, Iveco wanted to transfer to the sector the powerful growth of this technology and the enormous advantages and benefits that this fuel brings to mobility. The appointment was opened by the managers of the Barcelona dealers, Iveco Zona Franca, and Iveco Auto Distribución, Jordi Sardina and Luis Orbañanos, who gave way to four presentations, a round table and a demonstration on the characteristics and handling of liquefied gas . In addition, the attendees had the opportunity to see and touch closely the entire Iveco range of vehicles powered by natural gas.

The first presentation was made by José María Chamizo, Director of Gas Business Development of Iveco, who appealed to the need for a change of mentality to really bet on a clean fuel. “Natural gas allows us to improve global warming on the one hand, reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality that directly impacts the health of people, and on the other, reducing emissions of particles and NO2,” he explained.

For his part, Manuel Lage, general secretary of Gasnam, ruled that natural gas is the only real alternative to oil derivatives. For Lage, it is the fuel that pollutes the least. He also argued some of its benefits, including being more efficient than petroleum derivatives, because its octane rating is 120 to 130, far higher than any commercial gasoline. Manuel Lage recalled that natural gas emits zero N02 harmful to health and practically no harmful particles. Looking ahead, he assured that in 2035 the weight in the transport of oil and gas will be almost the same.

The manager of the Medium and Light Product of the company, Javier Camón, highlighted “the Stralis NP, which we already offer with 460 hp; the complete Eurocargo range and the many possibilities offered by the Iveco Daily, which we already have even with eight-speed automatic transmission for the versions with natural gas “.

The last presentation was led by Antoni Murugó, Strategy Director of the HAM Group, creators of the network of HG service stations of GNC / GNL. Murugó explained in detail the refueling process in the service stations, in which we must be careful, but without being afraid “because it is simple and safe”, to specify that at present the price of natural gas is 0.60 euros per liter plus taxes, so it’s 30 to 40% cheaper than diesel. ”

Next, Jesus Franganillo, manager of Machinery for Local Administrations of Ferrovial in Barcelona, ​​Jordi Mariné, manager of Transport Mariné, Jordi Faulon, responsible for Purchasing, Billing, Suppliers and Machinery of Imesapi Barcelona, ​​Raul Maestro, director participated. of Port Transport and Joan Prades, fleet manager of Fercam.

11/17/2017 – ALL TRANSPORTATION (Translation Soft)

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