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Italdesign Zerouno: and now in the open for 1.9 million euros

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The Italian studio will present in Geneva the ‘targa’ version of its opera prima, conserving the mechanics of it (610 horses).

At the last Geneva Motor Show, the design studio Italdesign, owned by the Volkswagen Group, launched a new brand called Automobili Speciali, designed to create “collector’s jewelry and unique series”.

The Swiss quote allowed to see the Zerouno, a supercar conceived on the basis of the Lamborghini Hurricane, with an atmospheric V10 of 5.2 liters and 610 horses that allows it to do the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 330 km / h. This model was made just five units, the same run that will have the Targa version to be presented, again, at the Geneva Motor Show (from 8 to 18 March). Two of the five that will be made already have an owner and for them 1.9 million euros have been paid without taxes. Customers will be able to choose their equipment package in detail.

The five Zerouno of the first print were sold in just a couple of months for 1.6 million euros. The targa variant will have the same mechanical assembly, which in turn, these two models share with the Audi R8 and the Lamborghini Huracán itself. Interestingly, the revelation of Italdesign Zerouno Targa will coincide with the 50th anniversary of Italdesign, founded by the mythical designer Giorgetto Giugiario and that was acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 2010 through Audi.

At present, Italdesign continues to carry out design work for the German consortium, but maintains its headquarters in Turin, employing almost 1,000 people. According to Autonews, the Italdesign business not related to the Volkswagen Group will grow 50% until 2021 from 15% last year and 5% from the internal period.

Italdesign Pop.Up, a ‘flying-land vehicle’

In the stand of Italdesign there will be another vehicle, the Pop.Up, which the firm has developed together with Airbus. It is a flying vehicle, totally electric, but it can also be used on the road. It could accommodate up to two passengers. Its design is more ‘earthy’ than for example the Pal-V, self-named as the first flying car in the world. Both companies define it as a solution to “avoid traffic congestion”.

Italdesign Pop.Up

The Pop.Up capsule is made entirely of monocoque carbon fiber measuring 2.6 meters long, 1.4 high and 1.5 wide. According to Italdesign, the vehicle is self-propelled. Once the passengers arrive at their destination, the capsule goes autonomously to charging stations, to wait for their next customers.

EXPANSION- BY DENÍS IGLESIAS – @denis__iglesias – 02/22/2018 (Translation Soft)

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