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Infiniti will begin its electrification in 2021

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In 2025 it plans to sell 50% of its electrified models. The other innovative technology, the VC Turbo petrol engine with variable compression, will arrive with the QX50
This is the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept designed by Alfonso Albaisa.

Infiniti joins the trend of the electrification of its new models and announces that from 2021 it will launch new electrified vehicles on the market that will include both pure electric and hybrid models. The objective is to reduce the polluting emissions of your vehicles. With this, the Japanese premium brand foresees that in 2025 half of its global sales will correspond to electrified vehicles.

This commitment to electrification will be associated with Infiniti’s patented e-Power technology, which is based on a small gasoline engine that charges a high-performance battery. This eliminates the need for an external load source, providing the convenience of replenishing with the vehicle’s own fuel. The best thing is that it will offer the same driving experience as a pure electric car.

Futuristic interior in the Q Inspiration Concept.

Unique technology
On the other hand, the Japanese company has developed a new technology unique in the world for its new gasoline engines that allows to vary the compression ratio in a constant manner, with what you have the best of diesel technology, for its good elasticity to few laps, and the greatest joy of the gasoline engines.

The best thing is that all this is achieved without the problems presented by diesel engines with their emissions of nitrous oxides and unburned particles. And also allows a remarkable reduction in consumption. This new technology of gasoline engine will be incorporated in the scoop on the next new model of the brand, the QX50 SUV.

Infiniti’s VC-Turbo technology allows transforming the engine’s operation at all times, adjusting its understanding relationship to optimize the delivery of power with the efficiency of consumption. It combines the power of a petrol engine of a six-cylinder engine with the torque and the adjusted consumption of a four-cylinder diesel engine.

Exceptional design
On the other hand, the brand ensures that its customers can expect models with an exceptional design, as is the case of the Q Inpiration Concept presented at the Detroit Motor Show. With this prototype, Infiniti aims to show a new form of elegance that breaks with the harmony and simplicity of many vehicles. This spectacular concept has been overseen by the company’s executive vice president of design, Alfonso Albaisa.

It is a futuristic-looking vehicle that uses the innovative variable compression VC-Turbo engine. The brand has defined this concept as a preview of the new generation of vehicles of the firm. In its outward appearance is a radical change from a classic saloon and incorporates proportions more typical of a coupe and therefore with an elongated silhouette. Inside we find a minimalist interior in which wood and metal are joined, and with certain elements of the cabin, such as armrests and steering wheel, enhanced with lighting.

Ángel Martín – THE CONFIDENTIAL – 24.01.2018 (Translation Soft)

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