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Hyundai Nexo, the future looks at hydrogen

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The electric SUV offers a range of 600 kilometers and, since its launch, will include interesting driving assistance technologies such as the Hyundai remote car park, which already has the Ioniq for sale and a great commercial success, a vehicle available with hybrid, hybrid versions plug-in (PHEV) and electric, has just presented at the CES in Las Vegas its commitment to the future, the new Hyundai Nexo, a vehicle that uses hydrogen as fuel and has a range of 600 km.

The Nexo is part of an ambitious Hyundai plan to introduce up to 18 green vehicles for the year 2025. In the same way it has developed a new platform for the integration in the Ioniq of the three current technologies, hybrid, PHEV and 100% electric, for the hydrogen car has developed a platform and an exclusive model such as the Nexo.

The Korean brand has been working for many years and investing in new technologies and new ways to ensure sustainable mobility in the future. And it has been marketing the Hyundai Tucson FCV for years in international markets, almost the only hydrogen vehicle that can be bought in the market. Other manufacturers have developed similar vehicles but they have not been commercialized.

The new model represents an important step forward in the technology of the fuel cell. This key system of the vehicle is responsible for producing, from the hydrogen stored in a tank, the electricity necessary to drive the motor that moves the vehicle. It has been working for more than 20 years on this technology, which the leading experts in the sector believe is the future of the automobile.

The new Nexo employs the most advanced technology and thanks to that, it achieves figures that already make it a perfectly usable vehicle in real life … well whenever there is a hydrogeneration in our area, something that in Spain, at the moment, we have bad. According to Hyundai announced when presenting the model, its autonomy is 596 kilometers. This is an increase of 168 km compared to the Tucson FCV available so far. And although no concrete data has been given, the vehicle also offers more power and more acceleration capacity.

Hyundai technicians have achieved significant improvements in their use in extreme temperatures, and have been tested up to 29 degrees below zero, ensuring a start in just 30 seconds. And it works well up to 50 degrees thanks to the cooling system. The air supply system, high-altitude performance and refueling times have also been improved, along with the overall efficiency of the vehicle. In addition, the Nexus has improved energy density and durability compared to gasoline vehicles.

When the new Nexus reaches the market, in the coming months, in addition to an efficient fuel cell system, it will also provide new driving assistance systems that will be implemented in the new models. Such is the case of the innovative blind spot monitor, which shows drivers the rear and side view while changing lanes in any direction.

The technology will allow the driver to concentrate on the road also when changing lanes without turning his head. This system uses wide-angle cameras on the sides and back to offer a complete view that can not be seen in conventional rear-view mirrors. Video images can be viewed through a screen located in the instrument cluster.

Another first is the lane maintenance assistant that corrects the address automatically to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane. This system works from standstill up to 145 km / h and in combination with the highway driving assistant will allow a safe and quiet driving with which drivers can travel longer distances more easily.

The other new assistant that incorporates the Nexus is the remote autonomous parking that allows the vehicle to park or leave the parking lot independently with or without driver. This system can enter the vehicle in a parking place on battery while the driver is out of the vehicle with the remote control in hand.

THE CONFIDENTIAL – Ángel Martín – 5.01.2018 (Translation Soft)

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