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Friction in truck sales in September with a decrease of 7.5%

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Industrial vehicle registrations in the Spanish market registered a significant drop in September, accounting for a fall of 7.5%, with a total of 2,094 units compared to 2,263 units, according to Aniacam data, leaving the accumulated since January in 17,136 as compared to 17,279 in the first nine months of 2017, so that this year the market registered a slight growth of 0.2%.

The analysis of data last month reflects a 19.3% growth in the case of light trucks, with 198 units compared to 166, as well as a rise of 9.5% in average trucks, with 231 compared to 211 In the case of heavy-duty trucks, in September there was a considerable drop of 28.9%, with 177 units compared to 249 in the same month last year.

The segment that registered the highest growth in percentage terms was the group of construction trucks, with an increase of 111.1%, although in absolute terms it continues to be the lowest volume with a total of 57 units registered last month compared to 27 in September 2016.
The tractors continue integrating the segment of greater demand in Spain, although in September they reflected a decrease of 11.1%, with 1,431 units compared to 1,610, which means that 68 of every one hundred trucks that were sold in the national market were tractors, a figure that is 64 in the case of the annual accumulated, where the highs of tractors have fallen since January a 4.3%, with 11,149 units compared to 11,656.

In the classification of brands within the category of tractors, and if we analyze the data for the period January-September, the leadership in our country is for Iveco, with 2,056 units and an increase of 9.95% to place in a quota of 18.44%, more than two percentage points a year ago. Scania (1.832 units and -8.63%), Volvo (1.593 and -10.30%), MAN (1.551 and 4.09%), DAF (1.418 and -10.20%), Renault Trucks (1,389 and -4.80%) and Mercedes-Benz (1,310 and -11,31%).

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