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Experts agree: «Gas is the real option for diesel in long distance transport»

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Customers and experts in the field offer their points of view to the question: “Road transport is the domain of diesel. Do you think gas is a real option?
Natural Gas has become the best alternative to diesel to reduce polluting emissions and offer a long distance transport that respects the environment. In fact, for the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of Germany, LNG is the only large-scale alternative to diesel, until hydrogen fuel cell-based systems start operating around 2030, followed by fuel based in electricity. This study coincides with Iveco’s vision of the future of the sector: natural gas is the next step on the road to sustainable transport. Iveco has been a pioneer in alternative traction for 20 years – natural gas, electric vehicles and hybrids – and is currently recognized as a leader in the sector in this field.

As a result of this continuous and long-term effort in this alternative fuel technology, Iveco is, today, the only manufacturer that offers a complete range of natural gas models, with three engine families ranging from the 136 to the 400 CV, and an offer of products of between 3.5 and 40 tons, both of light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles for long distance transport; as well as buses.

«Gas is the real option»
The transport sector is transforming towards gas and there are already many customers who bet on this technology, for its economic and environmental benefits. And from Iveco they wanted to know their opinions and replies to the question: “Road transport is the domain of diesel. Do you think gas is a real option? ”

For Antonio Murugó, Strategy Director of the HAM Group, “more than a real option, I would say it is the real option. It is, basically, the best option for road transport and almost the only alternative that there is today to diesel. The other technologies for smaller vehicles are a reality, but for heavy transport, by road, and especially long distance, do not meet the requirements that a carrier requests ». Murugó is clear that «the LNG vehicle today is a reality. These vehicles that have been presented in the Iveco range can now meet the needs of large transport companies. Until 3 or 4 years ago, the powers of the trucks were fair, but today we are seeing trucks of 400-460 CV and with autonomies of more than 1000 kilometers. We can say that today there is no difference between an LNG truck and a diesel truck ».

Jesús Fraganillo, Manager of Machinery for Local Administrations of Ferrovial in Barcelona, ​​offered another interesting point of view: “I am convinced that it is a real option, above all, because we are working with a cleaner, less polluting and noisy engine”. For his part, Javier Ruesga, ENGas LNG engineer, says that “from Enagás we are clear that liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas are the future. Liquefied natural gas is growing exponentially, above all and to this day, in maritime transport; but in transport by truck we have very clear that it has an enviable future ».

Finally, Jordi Faulón, responsible for Purchasing, billing, suppliers and machinery of Imesapi Barcelona, ​​believes that “in the long run it will be implemented by the issue of ecology and the strictest regulations in Europe. Each time the gas will be implanted more ».

«It is the best solution for the environment, and economically»
With more than 22,000 units sold, Iveco is the absolute market leader in commercial vehicle technology propelled by natural gas. Javier Camón, Product Manager of Medium and Light Range of Iveco, is resounding: “It is not that it is a real solution, it is that we are seeing it every day. We already have several clients who trust us, not only at the level of Spain, but at European level. Every day this solution is implemented more, which, in addition, is better for the environment and customers get much better economically ».

For Gaetano de Astis, Director of the Iveco brand for Spain and Portugal, “diesel dominates, but I hope this supremacy ends as soon as possible. We, like Iveco, contribute to the end of the diesel era as soon as possible. We have a full range of gas: the entire range is practically available with this technology. And now we also have a network of gas stations in Spain and in Europe. We are convinced that it will be an increasingly used technology ».

In fact, at the top of the heavy range is the Iveco Stralis NP, the first natural gas truck designed specifically for long distance operations, with a guaranteed range of up to 1,500 kilometers thanks to its two LNG tanks of 400 kilos and an exceptionally efficient engine. This model has Iveco’s natural gas technology and can roll with both CNG and LNG; with a delivery of power, comfort, transmission technology and fuel autonomy, which make it ideal for long distance transport missions.

ABC MOTOR – @abc_motorMadrid – 02/13/2018 (Translation Soft)

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