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Waze joins the open platform created by Ford and Toyota

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Waze, the route navigation platform based on the information of its users, will replicate on the screens of future Ford models.

Waze, the collaborative free and real-time traffic application, today announced at Mobilie World Congress its inclusion in SmartDeviceLink (SDL) Consortium, a non-profit organization that manages an open source platform to facilitate telephone interaction Mobile and car entertainment and navigation systems. Currently SDL Consortium consists of Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) and Suzuki.

Ford will be one of the first brands to replicate on the screens of its Waze models. It has a community of users of 75 million active monthly drivers.

Paulo Cabral, business development manager for Waze, explains that “Ford will be one of the first car brands to introduce Waze, but our intention is to reach all those that are integrated into the SDL Consortium.”

Cabral explains that for Waze the replica Ford models, of which there is still no exact date to reach the market “but it will be soon,” is an “improvement of services for the customer that costs nothing.”

This service will be replicated on the central screen or “where requested by vehicle manufacturers,” explains Jens Baron, product manager of Waze In Car Applications. In this sense, Baron said that if brands want us to replicate it on the new digital screens that several brands are incorporating instead of traditional speed and speed clocks, “we will do it, no problem.” More difficult to replicate in the Head Up Display, but not impossible.

In this sense, Waze works on adding values ​​such as the outside temperature that allows to determine if the ground is wet or frozen and already introduces speed limits on the map. There are many brands that already introduce these systems of reading of signals and of temperature. According to Waze, its platform would save manufacturers costs.

Barron also said that along with Ford they work at Big Data through the customer experience to improve service offerings.

With Waze you can plan the routes from the mobile and when connecting the vehicle these are integrated in the screen. At the same time, being in real time, the chosen route will always be “the fastest because our business is based on saving the driver time, time and money.”

The system works in sync with the Ford Sync system. Waze in the car can also receive updates and alerts that other users upload and thus optimize routes.

Emergency calls

Cabral explained that Waze is also working on the possible incorporation in the not too distant future of the aid system as a complement to the emergency call (ecall and bcall) that will be mandatory in European Union cars from next year.

“It is a feedback we have collected from our clients and we are studying it,” explained Cabral.

Waze will remain free for users because its business is based on the introduction of advertising on the platform. Well through some “pines” that appear on the screen with the logo of the company in question, or when you are standing and in the car you may get the indication of a fast food company or a chain hotel, for example .

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