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VW California XXL: the most adventurous in the family

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It is a prototype based on the Volkswagen Crafter.

Volkswagen, one more year has been present in the Caravan Salon of Düsseldorf, one of the most important appointments of the sector of the caravans in Europe. In this occasion, the protagonist of the brand has been the Volkswagen California XXL, a prototype that still does not have official confirmation on its possible production.

Based on the Crafter, the manufacturer’s largest van has a large panoramic roof, an extension of the rear with a long bed, as well as a space for the children’s bed. Technically it integrates total traction, pneumatic suspension and picks up the range of engines and driving assistants of the Crafter.

The California XXL was accompanied in the stand of Volkswagen of the Caddy Beach, a model focused to a daily use, that leaves of the 24,110 euros. In spite of its more contained dimensions, it integrates a bed in its interior (2,0 m x 1,1 m aprox.).

All the variants that are currently commercialized VW of the sixth generation of the classic California were also present. From the Beach version, which starts at € 42,566, with a manual overhead lift and double or triple seat / bed (optional) up to the Ocean version (from € 59,862), which has the most complete range of equipment in the range: auxiliary heating, Climatronic, double glazing, etc.

All of the California family comes with standard rotary seats, camping table or folding chairs at the back, perfect accessories for any adventure.

BY CORÁN AZOUAGHE – Madrid – @ Coryy23 – 09/04/2017 (Translation Soft)

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