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Volkswagen, the automaker that made the most money until June

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  • Toyota and Daimler follow
  • BMW was the first in terms of operating margin, with 11.3% in the first half

Automotive groups Volkswagen, Toyota and Daimler closed the first half of the current year as automotive companies that gained a greater operating profit, according to an EY study that was accessed by Europa Press.

This document indicates that Volkswagen was the automobile corporation that made more money during the first half of the current year, with an operating profit of 8.916 million euros, which is a 67% increase over the same period of the previous year.

The podium of the companies with the highest semiannual benefit of the car was completed by Japanese Toyota, with an operating profit of 8.331 million euros, 15% less, and the German Daimler, with a profit of 7,754 million euros, 43% more .

The ranking of the 10 companies that made the most money in the first half of the year was completed by General Motors, with 5.661 million euros (+ 11%); BMW, with 5,575 million (+ 8%); Honda, with 3,349 million (+ 29%); Nissan, with 3,226 million (+ 3%); Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with 3,065 million (+ 18%); Ford, with 2,851 million (-32%), and closes Hyundai, with 2,095 million (-16%).

Among the brands that experienced the greatest increase in their semiannual operating profit, Suzuki stands out, with a progression of 70% (1,512 million euros), ahead of Volkswagen, with a rise of 67%; Of Daimler, with an increase of 43%; Of Honda (+ 29%), and of Mitsubishi (+ 19%).


The EY study points out that during the first six months of the year, German automobile companies made the biggest gains in total, with 22.245 million euros, 40% more compared to that period of 2016.

Japanese corporations closed the first half of the year with a total operating profit of 17,344 million euros, down 2%. The French, in turn, won 3,853 million euros, 15% more, and the Americans, 11,576 million euros, 3% less.

Regarding profitability, the sector’s semi-annual ranking was led by Germany’s BMW, with an operating margin of 11.3%, matching its record for the same period of 2016, while Suzuki’s second position was 10, 3% (6.8% in 2016), and the third, for Daimler, with 9.7% (7.3% in 2016).


On the other hand, Japanese Toyota recorded the highest volume of car sales so far this year, with 5.12 million units, up 3%, ahead of Volkswagen, with 4.93 million units, a 1 % plus; Of General Motors, with 4.68 million units, 2% less; Of Ford, with 3.35 million units, 2% less, and Nissan, with 2.89 million units, 6% more.

The world ‘top 10’ sales until June were completed by Honda, with 2.55 million units (+ 5%); Fiat Chrysler, with 2.37 million units, which means matching the records of those months of 2016; Hyundai, with 2.19 million units (-8%); Renault, with 1.87 million units (+ 10%), and PSA, with 1.58 million units, 2% more.

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