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The Volkswagen Group joins Tata for the Indian market through Skoda

Automotive News

Volkswagen Group and Tata Motors have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore joint activities in India.

The German group Volkswagen and the Indian company Tata Motors have signed a principle of agreement to explore a long-term strategic partnership in relation to the joint development of components for vehicles and also of possible prototypes of cars.

Volkswagen said that this pact represents another step in its ‘2025 Together – Strategy’ plan and explained that with this alliance both companies will explore the possibilities of a strategic partnership in the Indian market, according to both corporations.

Skoda will lead the project within Volkswagen and, in the first place, will analyze aspects such as the application of specific knowledge of the market and the development of local experience, while in the long term the German group plans to expand its product offer in the Emerging markets.

Wolfsburg Group CEO Matthias Müller said the aim of this project is to lay the foundations of both the group and its brands to deliver customer-oriented mobility solutions in emerging markets.

“By offering the right products, we are striving to achieve sustainable and profitable growth in many different parts of the world. This is why we are systematically pursuing our regional growth strategy,” he added.

Günter Butschek, CEO and CEO of Tata Motors, said the two companies, working together, can benefit from each other’s strengths to create synergies and develop innovative and intelligent solutions for India and the overseas market.

By Europe PressMadrid – 03/10/2017 (Translation Soft)

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