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The Valencian Government approves aid to Ford of 6.5 million euros

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The full Valencian government today approved a 6.5 million euro aid to Ford Spain to support sustainable productive investments for the manufacturing processes of engines and motor vehicles.

The objective of this agreement is to promote new actions of generation of added value and processes of high sophistication, which are translated into an impulse of SMEs and companies of the Valencian Community.

In this way, it is intended to consolidate Ford’s Valencia plant in Almussafes as a world reference and continue with the process of promoting efficiency, competitiveness, and joint sustainability with the industrial fabric and Valencian SMEs, according to the Valencian Government.

Through this agreement is planned to carry out different actions for the modernization and acquisition of new equipment and auxiliary facilities, which would incorporate new technologies to increase efficiency and optimization of industrial processes.

These are sustainable investments in the production process of vehicles in production, in order to improve the quality of the vehicle manufacturing process and its auxiliary facilities, as well as the environmental improvement and energy efficiency of the process.

It also contemplates investments in the engine manufacturing process, in order to adapt all its processes both in the manufacture of parts and in the assembly of the same to increasingly efficient criteria and always aimed at achieving a higher quality and efficiency in its processes.

These new projects involve the intensive use of technological capital, the promotion of the use of machinery and experimental developments, and improved productivity.

Likewise, they imply an improvement in the qualification of employment, which will have repercussions on companies and SMEs located in the Valencian Community that are part of the value chain and manufacturing process of vehicles and engines.

The projects developed by Ford Spain will contribute to the improvement of industrial efficiency, as the result of these will substantially improve the supply of products and existing processes, according to the Valencian Government.

In turn, the new developments will be oriented to improve the new product without forgetting the improvement of the efficiency of the industrial processes.

POR efe.valencia – 21/07/2017 (Translation Soft)

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