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The Tesla Model 3 already circulates on the tracks of SpaceX

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Tesla will begin production of the coveted Model 3 in July of this same year, which will also enable the configurator for customers and will carry out the final presentation of the model that will come to production.

In order to generate the highest possible expectation around this date marked in red on the calendar of the Californian firm, the Tesla Unplugged Performance personalization store has shown a video of the Model 3 prototype moving through the test tracks of SpaceX. A fact that triggers the hypotheses and suggests that the brand has four months of small surprises in which will progressively unraveling some of the mysteries that still persist.

The main unknown is its interior, of which details have not yet been revealed. Yes they have filtered images in which it has been possible to see how the front of the passenger will presumably be, but none of them with official character, which can not be ruled out that the interior of the car that finally goes to production counts with different touchs Of different draft.

The image of the exterior does not vary with what until now was known. Although, in the video appears without the solar roof with which it has been speculated in the last dates after the presentation of Panasonic of its new panel, reason why it remains like another enigma to be confirmed. However, for Tesla, Elon Musk and Model 3, whose reserves exceed 400,000, no hypothesis can be dismissed. Deliveries to the general public will begin in 2018.

Ecomotor.es – 03/13/2017 – 17: 270

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