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The small toddler model Tesla Model Y will arrive in 2019 and “will have more success than the Model 3”

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The small toddler model Tesla Model Y will arrive in 2019 and “will have more success than the Model 3”

It will be the small SUV of the brand, below the Model X. It would not cost much more than the Model 3, which starts from $ 35,000

Tesla held its investor conference on June 6 that included the responses of Elon Musk, its CEO, to 20 questions asked by Twitter users through the social network.

One of the questions was about product strategy. In addition to the heavy truck prototype we will see in September according to Musk, he said that the Model Y will arrive in 2019 and “will be more successful than Model 3.” Without knowing the price, it should not be much more expensive than the Model 3 that will start at $ 35,000.

The Model Y would be the small todocamino of the brand. “I’m very excited about the Model Y,” Musk said. On its characteristics, it was not pronounced. But it did explain that it will have an independent design of the Model 3. It will not be a derivative of Model 3. “I think an SUV should be conceived as an SUV.” “And I think we made a mistake in doing Model X derived from Model S.”

The truth is that in the teaser he taught during the presentation, the Model Y is very reminiscent of Model 3. Although the CEO speaks of an independent design, which could be done, the Model Y must share a multitude of elements with the Model 3.

Musk said during the conference that the investment required for the development and industrialization of Model Y would be much lower than that of Model 3. Without the basis of Model 3 for Model Y development, there would be no synergies and therefore no Would reduce the cost.

On the other hand, Musk continues with its idea to deliver the first Model 3 to customers in the US next July. Tesla accumulates more than 400,000 orders for its low cost model, since the Model 3 costs half of the almost 70,000 dollars that the Model S is sold in the country of Trump. The Model 3 will be responsible for Tesla making half a million vehicles a year by 2018. That would be 400,000 units more than it plans to assemble this year.

Tesla is expanding the facilities of its only assembly plant in Fremont (California). If Musk’s prophecies were fulfilled and if the Model Y had a higher acceptance than Fremont’s Model 3, there would be more than 800,000 vehicles per year.

Wolfsburg, the flagship factory of the German consortium Volkswagen, a group that exceeds 10 million units a year, could make a million vehicles a year if necessary.

Once again, wait until Musk’s forecasts are met. At the moment, on Wall Street, the stock exceeds $ 350 and Tesla’s market capitalization approaches 60,000 million. It is the US automotive company, leading in this aspect by increasing its distance with General Motors and Ford.

BY FÉLIX GARCÍA – @felixgarfdz – expansion – 06/07/2017 (Translation Soft)

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