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The new Nissan Leaf will park alone

Automotive News
Nissan has confirmed on Wednesday that the new Leaf, which will be presented on September 6, will incorporate ProPILOT Park technology, thanks to which it will be able to park in a completely autonomous way.

As reported by the firm itself, the vehicle will have radars and cameras that will “guide the car to park parallel, angled, forward or reverse” and “on the narrowest urban streets.” “This reduces the stress of the driver, since the system controls the accelerator, the brake and the steering”.

The driver, for his part, should only supervise the maneuver of the vehicle and step on the brake if necessary. 

Nissan already unveiled its ProPilot driving aid system in London at the end of last February, when it offered the possibility to all participants to experience first-hand this technology onboard a standalone Nissan Leaf. 

At the moment, the system allows to circulate without assistance of the driver by single lane in highway; In 2018 will include autonomous multi-lane driving; And in 2020, with the next evolution, this technology will be prepared to roll in urban roads and intersections. 

In addition to the Leaf, the Nissan Qashqai 2017, which will start shipping in August, will also include the ‘ProPilot’ system. 

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