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The new Lamborghini doubles as a garbage truck

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Last Wednesday, at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania, Lamborghini introduced the upcoming Aventador, Aventador S, for $ 422 billion.

As part of the select group of journalists who sat behind the wheel, I can tell you that the new version of this six-year-old supercar is a direct blood relative of the most evil and hard monsters that fire and devour the tracks of the planet. But with important differences in technology and design, this Aventador strives to achieve something totally different: entertainment.

“It will be a pleasure not only for our customers, but also for those who look at our cars,” said Alessandro Farmeschi, chief operating officer of Lamborghini Automobili, as the Italian brand called it a strident slogan in a welcome video, “We are not supercars. We are Lamborghini, “he supported his statements).

You’re right. Nowadays, those who are buying Lamborghini are the ones who consume the latest and most expensive watches and look for the most exclusive travel experiences. For many wealthy shoppers, the mentality, full of testosterone and obsessed with mechanics, hardly exists today.

XXI century

It is true that Lambo’s “S” insignia always meant better performance and technology. But they have awakened it to transform it into a 21st century supercar for the thinker, and Farmeschi teams did much to strike a balance by cultivating an all-embracing, seductive, receptive but aspirational luxury lifestyle. Sales responded well; Since 2011, total global sales have more than doubled, thanks largely to Aventador and Hurricane, and Aventador sales last year (3,457 customer shipments in 2016) more than doubled those of the Murciélago.

The most incredible element of the Aventador S model 2018 is by far the system developed by Lambo for the rear wheels to turn and direct the car regardless of the front. That is, it is a car with four-wheel drive and also with four-wheel drive.

This means that in a curve the rear wheels can turn on their own and shorten the distance with the front, which in practice creates a shorter battle. This is good: short battles are more flexible than long battles. Instead, riding straight at high speed with all four wheels pointing forward, the car reaches its maximum length (4.80 meters), which increases the stability of the carbon fiber monocoque in a straight line. The result is the benefits of having two cars in one: an Aventador S shorter to fold and a longer one to go straight.

This also makes the car behave as if it were driven by a much more experienced driver than the one (perhaps) behind the wheel. By folding the four wheels, you can do much more than before in curves and tight turns.


While cars like the Ford GT are designed exclusively to perform well on the track, you could almost conceive the Aventador S as something to handle every day because of the well upholstered and equipped interior (it is also more fun to drive, of course , Even at low speed, and as all four wheels fold, is flexible enough to cover many bumpy sins).

The other notable change within Aventador S is the instrument panel behind the steering wheel. Depending on the driving mode you choose, the digital display shows various settings that display speed, RPM, engine status, fuel levels, gears, and other safety and traction systems in the car. The screen for the Corsa – a complete RPM bow – looks especially racing-ready.

Bloomberg (El Economista) – 06/26/2017 (Translation Soft)

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