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The component company will present an ERE for more than 200 workers

CSA has announced to the more than 200 workers that compose its workforce in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) that in June is without orders and closes the facilities. On December 23 last year, Ford, CSA’s main customer, told the company that in just four months it would rescind its contract and cease to be one of its suppliers, breaking a relationship they had maintained for decades, according to the president of the company. Company committee, José Luis Torres. This prompts the company to perform a collective dismissal.

CSA or Castellón Automotive had serious problems of survival in 2009 when it hosted a competition of creditors. Then it has continued its activity, very dependent on the American automaker, which was the source of “90% or 95%” of the billing. In recent months the company had been looking for an investor.

Ford knew these moves, since he wanted to make sure that one of its suppliers of steering columns, remained in the hands of a reliable investor for them, pointed out in the committee. When this operation seemed to close, the US company sent a letter to the address, that of December 23, announcing that it canceled its contract.

The decision of Ford would bring to the closing the installations of Torrejón since it would be without load of work. This for UGT and its general secretary in Madrid, Mariano Hoya, is a direct responsibility of the US firm in the loss of jobs. So he has asked the company for two years “to look for an investor to take over the plant.”

From the works council it is pointed out that the production of CSA in Torrejón – and the jobs – will leave Spain, although they do not know which firm will take over production. Other sources point out that it could be the German-owned company Thyssen.

Torres, president of the workers’ representatives, points to one of the social problems that can be generated by the closure of the company: the staff, specialized in the manufacture of management columns, has an average age of more than 40 years than if he loses his job Can be in serious trouble to get back to employment.

The company and the committee have already had six meetings to study the situation. “Ford says the situation is the responsibility of CSA. Now it looks like there might be a meeting with Ford, but it would not be to back off, but to look for ways to compensate for the situation, “says Torres.

EL PAIS – Madrid – FEB 2017 (Translation Soft)

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