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Tesla cools expectations of Model 3, its ‘low cost’

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Tesla, the US brand of premium 100% electric cars and the industry’s first by market capitalization, plans to launch its third Model 3 vehicle by the end of the year.

It would be the culmination of “the democratization of the electric car” according to its CEO, Elon Musk. And is that its price is well below what cost both the Model S, a large saloon that leaves for $ 69,200 in the US, As well as the Model X, a todocamino with seven seats and gull wing doors that reaches 83,700 dollars. In front of them, the Model 3 stays in 35,000 dollars that, in any case, is a high price for what is styled in that country.

The Model 3 costs US $ 35,000, almost half that of a Model S

The Model 3 was announced more than a year ago, to the delight of its followers, who are legion all over the world and idolize the brand and any of its initiatives as if it were Apple.

However, Tesla has been in the throes of having to create a website to explain that the Model 3, its low cost, is by no means a step higher with respect to its other two cars. In fact, it is a vehicle of inferior quality and performance. “Although it will be our newest car, it is not a version 3 of our most advanced Tesla”, explains the company on its website.

“Like the Model S, it’s designed to be the safest in its range,” but if the latter can reach 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in 2.3 seconds, Model 3 takes 5.6. And if the autonomy of this reaches 344 kilometers, the S with the most powerful battery reaches 568.

From the company of Palo Alto believe that the number 3 chosen as the name and the fact of being the third model they market, is sowing confusion among some of their future customers, since it seems a natural sequence as the Apple iPhone. Thus, some hope that Tesla’s next vehicle will be its most technologically advanced model and at a popular price, an idyll that does not occur in reality.

“We’re going to be like a scratched record in this respect,” Musk said a few weeks ago. “We really have to be emphatic about an error in which I assume full responsibility” and that in the company is understood as a failure on the marketing side.

The apparent error has not stopped, much less, the huge expectation for the arrival of Model 3, which, just a week after its presentation, about 400,000 customers had already made a reservation by paying in advance $ 1,000.

Although it remains to be seen whether the American company – which last year mounted almost 84,000 vehicles and expects to sell 100,000 units – is capable of reaching the half million vehicles manufactured in its only Freemont plant in 2018. A factory in which they have not Completed the works of enlargement, that should be finalized this year.

The furor for Tesla is still May on the Stock Exchange. Its shares closed Tuesday at $ 335, a 69% increase since Dec. 15, 2016. A euphoria that seems to have no limit.

El Mundo – SCARPELLINI – LOS ANGELES (USA) – June 1. 2017

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