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El ‘stop’ de la fábrica de Faraday Future en Nevada obliga a la empresa a replantearse su estrategia

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Faraday Future decided Monday to halt the works of its factory in Nevada as part of a strategic turn to alleviate its financial situation. The news was released on Monday by the North American start-up itself.

Faraday Future pointed high: to beat Tesla Motors in its own field but, for the moment, it will have to face problems related to the financing of its projects.

The company, which is backed by Chinese businessman Jia Yuetingse, has come to terms with the shutdown of its still-unreleased factory at Apex Industrial Park, north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The news was released on Monday by the American start-up itself.

According to Faraday, to improve his economic data, it was determined that the best thing was to hold his mega-factory in Nevada. In addition, they declared their intention to opt for a new location in which to start production of their ambitious project: FF91. Also, they would sell the property they owned in Silicon Valley and which they recently bought from the hands of the Yahoo! group

In relation to ownership of the land for the factory in Nevada, Faraday Future indicated that they would maintain their rights over them. The company planned to pay up to $ 1 billion for the building complex.

Last year Dan Schwartz of the Nevada Treasury Department was already pessimistic about the future of the project. He was referred to as “Fantasyland” and branded Jia Yueting’s business strategy as unsustainable. The construction plans for the complex were stopped at least on another occasion last year. The cause, again, economic issues.


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