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Starting in 2020 all new Jaguar and Land Rover will be somehow electric

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The group makes this announcement in its first Tech Fest – from 8 to 10 September – an event that revolves around the debate and public exposure of the future of mobility

At the Tech Fest (September 8-10), the event that is taking place in London these days and examining the role of technology in the automotive sector, Jaguar Land Rover has just announced that all its cars made from of the year 2020 will be pure electric, plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid. That is, they will all carry one way or another electrical technology.
This was announced by Dr. RalfSpeth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover: “All new Jaguar Land Rover lines will be electrified starting in 2020, giving even more options to our customers. We will present a portfolio of electrified products throughout our full range of models, including pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and mild hybrid, the Jaguar I-PACE, our first all-electric high-performance SUV, will go on sale next year. ”

Jaguar E-Type Zero
And as proof of that interest in electrification, Jaguar just introduced the Jaguar E-Type Zero, “the most beautiful vehicle in the world” as Enzo Ferrari said at the time.
The base of the E-Type Zero is the Roadster Series 1.5 of 1968 that includes an avant-garde electric motor that manages to pass from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds. The Jaguar Classic team has designed it at the new Classic Works center in Warwickshire (UK).
Jaguar I-PACE Concept


Jaguar I-PACE Concept
In addition to this prototype Jaguar has re-taught the I-PACE. The pure electric high performance SUV that will start selling next year and what will be its spearhead in the new generation of environmentally sustainable cars.

In addition, Jaguar has also presented the FUTURE-TYPE which provides a vision of how vehicles will be from 2040 onwards. This fully autonomous virtual concept explores mobility in the connected world of tomorrow, in which vehicles can be shared, instead to have a single owner.
The FUTURE-TYPE interface will allow you to access your different digital spheres of work, family or leisure separately, selecting what you need, and discarding what you do not.

At its core is Sayer, the smart steering wheel that will revolutionize his way of life. Called in honor of Malcolm Sayer, designer of the E-Type, this steering wheel works not only inside the car, but remains active in your home and becomes a faithful companion.
Sayer is the first voice activation and artificial intelligence flyer that has the ability to perform hundreds of tasks. Its advanced voice recognition software will allow you to answer your questions, connect you to the news, organize your travels and select your form of entertainment.

Sayer, the smart steering wheel
Sayer, for example, knows what’s in his refrigerator, and can even deal with the purchase or order a pizza. With it will never run out of milk ever again … It will become your favorite device. It is not just the “key” of your vehicle, but a membership card of a service club. It is a club that offers exclusive ownership or the option of sharing the vehicle with other people in the community.
For our customers, driving is much more than going from point A to point B. It is about enjoying life fully. You can always experience the pure thrill of driving with the option of taking the wheel. However, this is an unprecedented flyer.

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