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Spanish car exports increase European dependence

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  • The sale of Spanish cars to countries like Korea or China has plummeted in 2016.

The taste of the Asian countries for the Spanish cars has declined in the last year. The weight of car sales to the continent has been reduced by 0.6 percentage points. It represents 1.8% of total exports, compared to 2.5% last year. Total sales outside Spain amounted to 2.43 million vehicles, 84% of Spanish production, according to the closing figures of Spanish car exports in 2016 provided by the Spanish association of manufacturers of vehicles Anfac.

It may seem low volume but these vehicles that Asia does not buy are oriented to its sale in European countries. This supposes an increase of the deliveries that increases the dependence of the Spanish factories to the Old Continent, that already monopolized 81% of the commercializations of automobiles outside of Spain last year.

The increase in purchases from China and Korea of ​​Spanish car was the great revelation of last year’s exports. China went from bringing 47 very scarce vehicles from Spain in 2015 to firing its acquisitions above the 11,000 cars sold. Korea also increased its purchases considerably from 2,065 units in 2013 to 28,430 deliveries in 2015. The Renault Captur, which is manufactured at the facility in Valladolid, has been the main responsible for this increase in the Asian weight in 2015 .

In the last year, the commercialization of these vehicles have dropped significantly. The Chinese market has only demanded 580 Spanish units, 95% less than the previous year. Korea, meanwhile, has cut its purchases by 52%, to 13,775 units. Japan, however, increased its purchases by 4% to 7,196 units. Singapore also acquired more Spanish vehicles, although the volume is much less relevant. It reached 2,142 units, 67% more than the previous year.

With the reduction of exports of Spanish vehicles to Asia and Africa, which under its weight from 3% of the total to 2.1%, the Europe of the 27 took last year 81.5% of total sales outside Spain Up from 80% last year. The share of the Europe of 15 has stabilized around 75% of sales, while the remaining 12 countries have increased their sales by one percentage point to 16.6% of sales.

The four main markets of export from Spain maintain their weight as main receivers of Spanish cars. All increase their purchases minus England, which reduces their share of 16% in 2015, about 363,500 units to 14.3% of total deliveries in the year. Germany, however, increased its purchases from 16.9% to 17.5%, surpassing France, which acquired 17.3% of Spanish exports in 2016. Germany is thus positioned as the first export market for Spain. Italy increased its purchases until obtaining the 10% of the total of the exports.

This European dependence is worrisome if you take as a reference the manufacturing crisis in 2012. That year, Spanish factories assembled 1.97 million, the first time in the decade that fell below two million units. Recovering this volume and rising to three million led to the need to seek new markets and reduce exposure to European and Spanish demand.

Noemi Navas Madrid 05-03-2017 20:46 (Tranlation Soft)

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