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Spain increases vehicle production 5%

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During the first quarter, there were 804,918 units.

The production of vehicles in Spanish plants during the first three months of the year has reached 804,918 units, which is equivalent to a rise of 4.69% compared to the same period of 2016, according to the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automobiles and Trucks (Anfac).

During March, factories made 10,000 vehicles a day totaling 306,572 units, which translates into a 13.13% increase compared to last year.

Anfac said that this increase is due to the fact that Easter last year was held in March, while this year has done so in April. This festival causes many industrial centers to slow or even completely cease production.

Between January and March, 645,830 units were manufactured in Spain, 3.55% more, and 248,571 units in March (11.8% more). Off-road production also rose 67.38% with 13,837 units and 81.57% in the monthly count with up to 5,861 units.

Spanish factories assembled 145,251 commercial and industrial vehicles in the first quarter of the current year (6.13% more) and 52,140 units in the third month of the year, up 14.8% more than in March 2016.

While vehicle production centers in Spain exported 681,571 units to other countries (8.05% more) and 261,240 units in the third month of the year (16.71%). In the quarter, 565,454 Spanish passenger cars and 13,349 SUVs were sent.

Finally, exports of commercial and industrial vehicles grew by 5.52% between January and March 2017 with 102,768 units.

OR EXPANSIÓN – Madrid – @expansioncom – 24/04/2017  (Translation Soft)

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