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So will the future of cars, according to Volkswagen

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Unveils its stand-alone car model at the Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is the time and place chosen by Volkswagen to try to overcome the dieselgate. The number one automobile in Europe has revealed in this event that, according to vision, will be the car of the future. The first of the completely autonomous German school.

Sedric, the prototype name, is a level five vehicle. That is, capable of being driven entirely without a driver. It has capacity for 4 passengers and can be used both individually and large fleets. Mathias Muller, executive director of the Volkswagen group, has said he is the forerunner of many models that will develop the brand.

To this end, the company is in the process of hiring specialists in the field. Muller also commented that they invest billions of euros in the process. The development of electric cars will also be receiving substantial investments by Volkswagen. The show works in launching 30 models before 2030.

These movements of the German giant in the matter of the autonomous car respond to the line that have followed the investors in this sense. Mercedes revealed two years ago that its luxury car F-105 had managed to be totally autonomous. Toyota, however, postponed the launch of its first level five products between 10 and 15 years. Ford, meanwhile, does not plan to offer these vehicles until 2025.

In this race to achieve the most efficient driverless car, cars work hand in hand with technology. As early as 2015 Google was a pioneer in the field with its first prototype. Afterwards, competitors like Apple or Uber have deployed their own weapons.

Reuters – FIVE DAYS – 06-03-2017 21:59 (Translation Soft)

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