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Smart’s commitment to the electric vehicle

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Whether we want it or not, the future, which is already present, is plugged in. The recent crisis accelerated the implementation of a technology that has been in research, experimentation and even direct application in hybrid vehicles for many years.

But now, when it seems that the crisis is starting to volatilize, the brains of the big brands have not yet been implemented to continue implementing the electric vehicle, probably for billions of euros and dollars spent in haste – and sometimes not With all the necessary efficiency – to convince a client with less money in his pocket and more and more committed to the environment.

The autonomy, that great subject to approve still when it comes to betting on the electric vehicle, is directly related, of course, with the weight of the vehicle, and hence the brands are taking out mostly new models, or adapting existing , Of reduced size adapted to the electric traction. And in that Smart, one of the brands of Mercedes-Benz, had to take a crack at the characteristics of its range. And so, today, Smart is the only car manufacturer that offers its range of models (fortwo, fortwo cabrio and forfour) with both combustion engine and fully electric. The last name they have put to their most sustainable vehicles is ‘electric drive’. In fact, the cabrio is the only convertible on the market that moves 100 percent in electric mode.

And these are Smart’s answers to the (many) questions we keep asking about the electric vehicle:

– Power: the electric motor that the Smart mount delivers 60 kW (81 horses) to reach a torque of 160 Nm.

– The total autonomy of the vehicle, with one hundred percent of the load, reaches 160 kilometers, much more than the average that any vehicle can make a day in a big city.

– Always depending on the power grid and charging points, the smart electric drive can be recharged up to twice as fast as before thanks to its new on-board charger (optional and available later this year) for a charge of 80 % (About 125 kilometers of autonomy) will only take 45 minutes.

-With ECO driving mode, energy recovery is controlled based on a radar system that checks traffic conditions.

– As with all electric, an application in the mobile (in this case called ‘smart control’) allows us to remote control functions such as pre-climatization or intelligent recharge.

-The Smart electric drive has an additional indicator in the instrument cluster to control the active recharge of the battery in full conduction, through braking and deceleration.

-The electric range has a specific design, called ‘electric green’, with a touch of green on white or on black that highlight the uniqueness of these small electric German firm.

– The Smart fortwo and forfour electric drive will arrive in summer, while the electric cabriolet shortly after.

On the other hand, Endesa and Smart have signed an alliance that will finance the installation of points of sale for individuals who purchase an electric Smart, with a two year warranty. During the launch campaign, this installation will be free. In addition, it creates an exclusive tariff, called ‘Tempo Zero Smart’, by Endesa, which will benefit the customers of electric Smart, and a total of 1,200 kWh per year at zero price euros for Loads carried out between one and seven in the morning. According to the calculations of the power company and those responsible for Smart, this offer, translated, is about 10,000 kilometers of free energy per year.

And, at the national level, this alliance will launch a network of public access recharge in several locations in Spain from 2018.

Miguel Ángel Linares – 28/03/2017 – El Economista  (Translation Soft)

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