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Small SUV flood the Frankfurt Motor Show

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Hyundai Kona, Kia Stonic, Citrone C3 Aircross, Seat Arona or new Ford EcoSport are some of the main innovations presented in the German sample in this segment
Photo: The small todocamino presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show

A new edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show opens today, opening by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. If electric cars are the big players among German manufacturers, other brands bet more on small-size vehicles but small. Models like the Hyundai Kona, the Kia Stonic, the Citroën C3 Aircross, the Seat Arona or the Ford EcoSport have been protagonists in the German sample.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the great examples of the car in Europe, with biannual alternating with that of Paris. In this edition the organizers speak of more than 80 new world-wide ones, among which without doubt the most important ones are those related to the electric car.

Yesterday we showed the highlights of the German brands and today is the turn of the rest of manufacturers, Korean, Japanese, North American and European. In all of them we find a recurring trend, the presentation of interesting novelties within the segment and small vehicles within them.
An important brand in this room is the North American Ford. His booth shows the new Mustang, but above all the new Ford Fiesta and a new revamped version of its small todocamino, the EcoSport. This is a segment that grows a lot and that will do even more in the coming months.

The new Ford EcoSport is equipped for the first time with Ford Total Intelligent Traction technology, which improves its traction on road and off-road. It also has a 1.5 liter EcoBlue diesel engine with up to 125 hp, and is also offered with the three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine with up to 140 hp. Also shown in Frankfurt is the new Fiesta, including the versions of aspect todocamino (Active) and the ST of sports configuration.

Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang. Ford Mustang.
The Mustang, which has sold almost 30,000 units in Europe since the beginning of 2015, has changed its exterior appearance, with a lower bonnet profile and a more aggressive front. Mustang’s performance and driving experience has also been enhanced with a new 5.0-liter V8 engine with 450 horsepower. Both this engine and the 290 hp EcoBoost are available with a 10-speed automatic transmission.
As far as the PSA group is concerned, only the Citroën and Opel brands are present in Frankfurt. The first one offers more importantly the C3 Aircross, a model that has changed the style of its predecessor, the C3 Picasso, for a style somewhat more campero with the new vehicle that is manufactured in the Spanish plant in Figueruelas. A car characterized by its great personality.
Also shown is a new variant, limited series, of the Citroën e-Mehari signed by Courreges. It has improved its autonomy and above all incorporates a rigid roof that makes it more usable, but without giving up being a different vehicle and 100% electric. In the case of Opel, as we mentioned in the chronicle of yesterday, the most notable are the new versions of the range and the Grandland X Grandland X, a compact all-in-one with which completes its offer jacket at the moment and that will have its hybrid variant plug.
The Renault brand has revealed two very different models. On the one hand has shown the new Megane RS, its sporty version, which offers a powerful engine of 280 horses and that as a novelty uses a 4Control system with four-wheel steering which makes it much more dynamic and manageable. It is a vehicle manufactured exclusively in Spain for the whole world.

Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges.

Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges.Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges.

He has also shown an interesting futuristic concept, Symbioz, which represents Renault’s vision of the automobile and its place in society towards the year 2030: an electric vehicle, autonomous and connected, integrated into the ecosystem in which man evolves . Because of its place in this ecosystem, its functions, its technologies and its design, this concept car offers a completely new on-board life experience and actively explores the future of mobility.
The Spanish brand Seat first shows the new Arona, its small todocamino based on the New Seat Ibiza. A model that will go on sale before the end of the year and that will extend the range of all-seat Seat after the successful launch of the Ateca.

In addition, next year will come the third model of this type, one larger than the Ateca for which it is yet to decide its name. The four options that are discussed are Aranda, Ávila, Alborán and Tarraco. And to complete its stand, it shows the most powerful car manufactured in series by the brand, the new Lion Cupra R that will have a motor of 310 horses that ensure maximum sportiness.

For its part, the Czech brand Skoda shows a very important vehicle for its future, the Karoq, a model of the segment todocamino, smaller than the Kodiaq and dimensions similar to those of the Seat Ateca. It is a car that will be on sale at the end of the year in Spain. It also shows two variants of its big todocamino, the Kodiaq, in particular the Scout of appearance more campero and the Sportline with a more sportive touch. And in the form of a concept advances an electric motor vehicle, the Vision E.
Let us now look at European luxury brands. On the one hand the brands integrated in the Volkswagen group have shown interesting vehicles. Such is the case of the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, a spectacular convertible of 740 horses, or of the Bentley Continental GT, the last expression of the model Gran Turismo, a coupe of four generous squares and the benefits of the best sport. As for the other luxury brand of Volkswagen, Bugatti, has shown the new Chiron, its sport of 1,500 horses with an important announcement, the new speed record achieved by the pilot Juan Pablo Montoya. No less than 0 to 400 km / h and again to zero in just 42 seconds.

Bugatti Chiron.

Bugatti Chiron.Bugatti Chiron.

As for Ferrari, its bet in Frankfurt is for the Portofino, the successor of the California T, which offers maximum sportsmanship, as all models of the legendary Italian brand along with an elegant style and a great pleasure of driving outdoors. Under its empty engine we find the turbocharged V8 engine with 600 horsepower. A special space has also been dedicated to the Spider 488, which celebrates the 70 years of the brand with a scheme of colors inspired by the Ferrari 500 Mondial convertible of 1954, with body of PininFarina
Maserati does a great display in Frankfurt, where it shows the new Ghibli and the renewed Levante. In both cases one of the important innovations is the change in the philosophy of the range and now allows to offer two versions perfectly differentiated. This is GranLusso and GranSport. The first offers a more luxurious finish while in the second the goal is behavior and an even more sporty style.
In addition, the new Ghibli has a significant exterior restyling and has a much more complete equipment. One of the key aspects is the possibility of counting on LED lights of Matrix technology that always use the long lights. The 3.0-liter V6 petrol engines have been improved in power and fuel consumption. For the first time Maserati introduces electric power steering, indispensable for incorporating new driving assistance systems (ADAS) with active functions. The new Ghibli is the best selling model in the history of the Italian brand, having already surpassed 70,000 units since its launch.
Another important brand in the premium vehicle landscape is Lexus, which has the most complete range of hybrid vehicles on the market with versions of this type in all segments. In this case shows two of the best-selling models of its range that have been renewed. On the one hand the compact model, the CT200h and above also reveals the new NX300h, a small group of very striking lines but equipped with an efficient hybrid mechanics.

Jaguar i-Pace de competición.

Jaguar i-Pace of competition.Jaguar i-Pace of competition.
Jaguar and Land Rover showed interesting news in Frankfurt, but the most important thing is that the company has made clear its position regarding the electrification of the car. From 2020 all models featuring the Jaguar and Land Rover brands will be electrified. That is, they will be electric or hybrid vehicles. In addition, the Jaguar brand will create the i-Pace Trophy, the world’s first single-branded championship with electric vehicles.
At the stand of Jaguar the most remarkable is the high-performance compact todocamino, the E-Pace, small brother of the F-Pace. Also shown is the XE Project 8, the most powerful Jaguar in history with its 600 horses or the Jaguar XJR575, the fastest version to date of the emblematic luxury saloon. And it also shows the i-Pace, the 100% electric todocamino that will arrive in 2018.

As for the Land Rover brand, the main novelty is the SVX version of the new Discovery. As defined by the British company itself, this model is the most extreme Land Rover manufactured to date. It is the most extreme and powerful series production Land Rover, since it has increased the distance to the ground and includes a Terrain Response system specially adapted to overcome the more complicated off-road situations.

It is equipped with a supercharged V8 5.0 petrol engine. The Special Vehicle Operations division will be responsible for the hand-assembled SVX, which will go on sale in 2018. It also shows a variant of the most normal Discovery equipped with the powerful 300 hp Ingenium engine.
Let us now with the Korean brands, each day more important in the Spanish and European markets. Hyundai shows the new Kona, the most important bet of the brand for the next year. This is a vehicle that is integrated in the small todocamino segment, below the Hyundai Tucson, which will be offered in the Spanish market since the end of this year in its gasoline versions, while the diesel will arrive in early 2018. car of 4.17 meters, with engines of up to 177 horses and with options of front traction or the 4 wheels.

Hyundai i30 Fastback.

Hyundai i30 Fastback.Hyundai i30 Fastback.
But Hyundai offers two other very important developments in Frankfurt, both based on the i30 compact model. On the one hand the i30N, the first version of the new division of high performance of the brand. In this case will be offered with a power of 250 horses that increase to 275 in the most radical. The other important innovation is the saloon-type version, with independent boot and an elegant three-volume body. It’s the i30 Fastback.
As for Kia, also offers many new features but the most important, without doubt, is the new Kia Stonic. It is the small todocamino, the equivalent of the Hyundai Kona, which stands out for its striking style and great possibilities for personalization. No doubt this is what the current market demands and this proposal seems really interesting. In addition, Picanto X-Line, a version of the small model of Kia, but with a camper-type aesthetic, with protected wheel arches and with a somewhat higher ground height, is shown at first.
Kia has understood the increasing importance of todocamino models not only in Europe and therefore also shows an update of the Sorento, its large todocamino offering up to seven seats. It also shows another important vehicle, the Kia Niro in a new mechanical variant. In this case, and after the hybrid already on sale, a hybrid plug-in variant is added. And the Kia stand completes a concept that advances the style of the new Procee’d, the sportier version of the compact model of Kia.

Kia Stonic.

Kia Stonic.Kia Stonic.

The other Korean brand, Ssangyong, has made an important presentation, his new Rexton. The flagship model of the brand arrives in the German salon after a 12,000 kilometer journey in which the new vehicles have been tested in the worst conditions. It is a large 7-seater, which incorporates a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine with 181 horses that can count on 4×4 traction and a seven-speed automatic transmission. It includes the latest advances in security.
Honda also makes a strong commitment to the electric vehicle in Frankfurt by announcing that all new models launched in Europe will incorporate some electric propulsion system. And the best example is the presentation of the prototype of the plug-in hybrid variant of the CR-V todocamino that will be launched next year.
This CR-V todocamino incorporates an electric propulsion engine, an Atkinson i-VTEC cycle gasoline engine of four cylinders and 2.0 liters and an independent electric motor-generator. The hybrid system does not require a conventional transmission, since it counts instead with a single gear ratio of direct connection, allowing a fluid transfer of torque. This model will be on sale in 2018 and the CR-V range will be completed with a gasoline variant with 1.5-liter turbo.
The other novelty of Honda is a concept that advances what will be the future of the brand in terms of electrified cars. This is the Honda Urban EV Concept, a prototype developed on a completely new platform. It is a car that has attracted a lot of attention to visitors, because of its style, between modern and retro. Those responsible for Honda have said that a model based on this prototype will be on sale in 2019.

Subaru Impreza.

Subaru Impreza.Subaru Impreza.
Subaru shows in Frankfurt the new Impreza, a vehicle that arrives as heir to a successful model of the Japanese brand specializing in the production of 4×4 vehicles with opposed cylinder engines. Specifically this fifth generation shares platform with the new XV that has also appeared in the German show. As for its engines, a 2.0 of 156 horses and one of 1.6 liters with 114 hp.
As for Suzuki, the important model of its stand is the new Swift Sport. This is the third generation of the model that offers a lower and wider silhouette, coupled with a more aggressive styling and a weight-power ratio that allow the new Swift Sport in the field of compact sports.
And to close this analysis of the new features of Frankfurt Toyota, which shows its new Land Cruiser. The Japanese brand, which has a wide range of hybrid vehicles with the Prius at the top, has unveiled in this room a continuation of the concept of a robust off-road vehicle designed to withstand the toughest deal. Most innovative is that it has the most advanced driving assistance systems to make the SUV safer practice.

Carlos Cancela – THE CONFIDENTIAL -14.09.2017 (Translation soft)

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