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A Silicon Valley company launches its first prototype flying car

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Signatures from all over the world are in the race to create flying vehicles for everyone

fly Kitty Hawk’s new flying car during its first flight
Soon it will not be necessary to visit a very, very distant galaxy, ask if the driver next door is a human or a replicant or that the car surnames Delorian to be able to cross the skies in a flying car. The reality of flying cars is getting closer, as Kitty Hawk, a small company in Silicon Valley (United States), has shown, according to The New York Times.
The prototype with which an engineer of this company, funded by Larry Page – one of the founders of Google – is the concept of seaplane driven by helicopter. A platform of one hundred kilos, with seat for one but without body, propelled by eight propellers and with amerizable base with which it flew to four meters of the water during five minutes.

Although Kitty Hawk is not the only one in Silicon Valley who is brainwashing to find a way to create the first model of flying car that everyone can have in their garage. Uber already plans to create a pilot network of flying cars in Dallas (United States) and Dubai by 2020, other firms around the world aspire to similar projects. Nor does the United States reduce this dream. The one of the Japanese Toyota is to ignite the pebbled one of the Olympic Games of Tokyo with one of its Skydrivers, a flying cars single-seater similar to the drones, that have been developing since 2012.

And in Europe they also work to keep up, more specifically the Slovenians of Aeromobil, where they already go for the fourth prototype of flying car. This land-based vehicle occupies like a limousine, moves with gasoline and can be transformed into aircraft in seconds. In the air you can fly up to 700 kilometers (so far). Or the French Airbus, who earlier this year announced that they would end 2017 by introducing their first prototype personal flying car, plus a shared flying taxi, both powered by electric power.

El Periódico / Barcelona -19/09/2017

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