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Seat seeks the mobility of the future in the Metropolis: LAB of Barcelona

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Digitizing a car brand is key to future mobility.

The Metropolis: LAB of Barcelona is the sixth such center of the Volkswagen group in the world. This is managed by Seat, its Spanish brand and is framed within the Barcelona Tech City at Pier 01 of Palau del Mar.

Metropolis: LAB, along with other disciplines present at Barcelona Tech City, aims to analyze and look for intelligent solutions for the mobility of the future and position Seat as a reference for the connected car. To do this, part of the combination of mobile technology and ‘big data’ with which to optimize the relationship between the citizen, the smart city and the services provided in relation to mobility. At Seat Metropolis: LAB Barcelona, ​​23 engineers, developers and data analysts work. The team will expand in the coming years up to 50 workers.

“It’s about creating a Barcelona algorithm to establish predictive routes. Collect data from the city and its drivers and then manage them,” explains Simmer, director of Digitization at Seat. This algorithm could be exported to more Spanish and European cities, customized with the characteristics of each locality. “The LAB has full independence,” he says. Seat aims to achieve better traffic management, for example, with its smart parking project through the connected car. “20% or 25% of the time that is circulated by a city is done looking for a place to park.” If this search period were shortened, it would save on fuel and reduce pollutant emissions.

EXPANSION – BY Félix García – BARCELONA – 07/14/2017 (Translation Soft)

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