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Renault Trafic SpaceClass: lujo sin prejuicios

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Luxury version of the Trafic commercial, prepared for the transport of people and luggage. Two diesel engines, 125 and 145 horses. Interior finishes that combine an enormous practicality with refined materials such as leather for seats and complete equipment.

It is an increasingly accepted formula. Mercedes and Volkswagen have followed. Now Renault arrives with a very luxurious version of its commercial Trafic, which it prefers to call Space Class.

The option of driving an industrial vehicle when we need to move up to 9 seats and their corresponding luggage is no longer a possibility devoid of elegance. SpaceClass is the name chosen by Renault to define a luxurious, practical and habitable vehicle developed on the Trafic commercial platform.

A minivan to use suffers from a significant lack of cargo space when we intend to travel with 7 occupants and luggage. To solve this, some brands transform their 9-seat commercial vehicles into authentic luxury vehicles. So far, Mercedes and Volkswagen have been the ones that have almost monopolized segment in Europe, although Peugeot and Citroën have recently presented their models Space Tourer and Traveler to join the offer.

Renault has considered the segment interesting and with its SpaceClass claims to reclaim its space. External modifications over conventional Trafic are scarce. The tones of body, more elegant; The new light signature in its daylight system, exclusive 17-inch alloy wheels and tinted privacy glass. A glossy black finish package has also been defined which includes rear-view mirrors, door handles and other bodywork elements. Perhaps what stands out most is the replacement of the two rear doors, traditional and essential in a commercial vehicle, by a vertical opening gate, also modifying slightly the style of the rear.

Inside it is even more exclusive, as there are some bright plastics, safety elements implanted already in classic cars and modifications in the lighting system and in the air conditioning, which reaches the three rows of seats. These are independent and allow us to define up to 50 different configurations, from 2 to 9 places, as they are mounted on rails and those in the central row can be rotated 180 degrees. Of course there is no shortage of leather upholstery, a practical articulated central table and a complete roof upholstery and vertical surfaces.

With these possibilities of internal changes, we can modify the third row, achieving a flat surface of 1.90 m in length and 2 m in width that will allow us to have a fairly comfortable bed.

The SpaceClass is offered with Business Premium finishes from 2 to 7 seats or Evasion – from 2 to 8 seats, which is characterized precisely by having this third row that becomes a bed.

Suitable for individuals or professionals, such as quality transport for companies, hotels, taxis, etc., the SpaceClass is available with two 1.6-liter dCi engines with 125 or 145 horsepower, always coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox . At the moment it is not contemplated to offer automatic gearbox.

The Trafic SpaceClass is available in two lengths: 4,999 mm or 5,399 mm, which allows it to offer 550 to 1,000 dm3 of load for L1, from 890 to 1,800 dm3 for L2 and will allow us to transport up to 6 m3 of load if we remove two rows Of seats in the version of 5,399 mm in length.

Driving impressions are positive. Very agile, despite its size, making us to its dimensions is very simple. The suspensions, which assured us that they do not change in relation to the traditional Trafic, are quite comfortable for the transport of people. Where it has done a great job is in everything that refers to soundproofing.

On the other hand, the access to all the squares is very simple and in the version with central hall, the comfort and the perfect communication between the two back rows is one of its undoubted attractions. The same is achieved with the special leather upholstery, although this will be an important supplement in the final cost of the vehicle. By the way, the prices have not yet been communicated, but it would be logical that they were somewhat more content than those of their rivals Mercedes and Volkswagen, and were in the line of representatives of PSA. It will be available in the last quarter of the year.

BY FRANCISCO JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ – Paris – elmundomotor – 07/14/2017 (Translation Soft)

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