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Renault calls for review of 1,500 cars assembled in Palencia

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At least 30 airbags have been detected with mounting defects

The Renault Group will review 30,000 vehicles manufactured at the Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia), Bursa (Turkey) and Douai (France) plants in which thirty defective airbags could have been fitted, a measure that will affect 1,500 customers in Spain.

One supplier informed the automobile of the existence of thirty possible defective airbags in a batch of 6,000 installed in vehicles manufactured in the cited plants. Between the three factories have been mounted 30,000 vehicles and the defects were detected between the months of October and November. That does not mean that all vehicles made in that period could be affected, but only some, according to Renault, who believes that in the case of Palencia the lot is rather small.

Among the potential affected are 1,500 customers in Spain who have bought any of the models that could carry some of the airbag affected and that are the Megane, Kadjar, Espace V, Renault Talisman and Scenic. The firm has advised customers that they may be affected by defects that the cost of repair will be borne by the company.

The company has communicated to the authorities of consumption of Castile and Leon the problem, as well as the measures that it has voluntarily adopted, which consist in contacting the owners of the affected vehicles, to proceed with the control of the curtain airbag and, if applicable , To its replacement.

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