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Aluminium Machining The machining of aluminium is made from all kind of forms: bar, extrusión, casting of forging. It is material easy to machine. Its main property is the low density; therefore it is possible to produce light components with high grade of mechanical resistance. It is specially important in cases where the weight is
Steel Machining Due to the different possible combinations of Steel (today more than 5 millions); it is possible the use of several alloys to apply for a wide range of functions. It depends on the required properties: mechanical resistance, ductility, surface hardness, termal conductivity, resilience and resistance to corrosion and waste. Some of the advantages
Machining - Bar Turning JG Automotive is specialized in the production of machining components through chip removing material. PRECISION BAR TURNING: Bar turning consists in machining cylindrical metal bars through chip removal in turning. It is valid to round pieces and depending on the machine; it is possible to add more steps to increase added
Machining from Forging or Casting JG is specialized in the production of components used in the industrial and automotive applications. In this way we use the previous shapes of material, in order to reduce the raw material and improvement in final mechanical properties of the pieces. The casting process achieves final dimensional tolerances without additional
Machining JG supplier and manager in the manufacture of machined metal parts and components in various types of machining for the industrial and automotive sector. Machining is a manufacturing process which comprises a set of parts forming operations by removing material, either by chip removal or by abrasion. It is made from semi-finished products such
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