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Stainless steels casting

Stainless steels

We are suppliers  and managers in the manufacture of castings in stainless steels and special alloys since 1980.

Stainless steels are very resistant to corrosion (rust due to iron oxide) in many environmental contexts, especially the atmosphere. Chromium is the most important element of the alloy with a minimum content of 11%. The high resistance to corrosion is improved with the addition of Ni and Mo. Stainless steels are classified according to the microstructure: martensitic, ferritic or austenitic. E stainless steel has a wide range of mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance makes this type of steel very versatile. Some stainless steels are used in harsh environments at high temperatures because of their resistance to oxidation and mechanical integrity under those conditions that can reach up to ~ 1000 ° C. Gas turbines, steam generators, heat treatment furnaces, aircraft parts, missiles, etc. Are made with these types of stainless steels.

JG Automotive is a benchmark supplier in the steel smelting industry with more than 30 years of experience. Our technology, innovation and a management system adapted to the needs of each client with the intention of offering you the best service and the best price in the production of stainless steel castings.


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