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Production and Technology

Production and Technology

SKD toolshop belongs among larger toolshops in the Europe and focuses mostly on complex moulds for plastic injection. The toolshop, owing to its progressive machine park and equipment is capable of producing moulds for technically and visibly demanding parts, including those that have a graining, polished and multi-component parts, overmoulding components with the use of Mucell technology, gas injection etc.

As for the materials of parts, we produce moulds for all common types of plastics, from PP over PPS as well as materials with 50% content of glass. Maximum mould size is 8T, frame size approx. 1 200 x 1 200 mm. Our production capacity is about 120 serial moulds and approx. 40 – 50 prototype moulds a year.

We have also rich experience with finishing adjustments (precise finishing adjustments of mould on Try-out Reiss press) and mould optimization including compensation of flatness, straightness, circularity etc. All parts and moulds are tested in our own injection moulding shop before the delivery to a customer.
Company SKD has for these purposes a large portfolio of production technologies – from classical and conventional technologies up to modern CNC electroerosive machining, HSC high-speed milling as well as laser welding.

For control of production processes we have our own 3D Measuring Department, which is equipped with modern 3D measuring devices (3 CMM machines including the use of optical measuring). We also possess the latest CAD/CAM systems for connection of design and production.

High accuracy in production is assured not only by using CNC technologies, but also with a managing planning system Dialog and highly professional staff.

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