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MT/DCT Gears

Clutch gear

Forged clutch teeth formed by precision forging technology is reliable and has high strength. After 100,000 Km test drive no damages were found.  

Monoblock gear

Clutch gear and main speed gear body are integrated into one piece and that enables customer to reduce their production process.  More than 10 million piece per year are supplied to customers around the world, mainly in Europe.

Reverse gear

Ooka’s precision forging is the best solution how to achieve higher strength required at reverse gears. Introducing our technology helped to solve many issues related to strength of these reverse gears.


By Combining Sleeve and our Clutch gear, we can offer an ideal tooth design with much higher strength.

Parking (DCT)

Parking gear is the security part to protect car user’s safety. O-OKA’s gear teeth offers you a firm strength and provides a safe drive.

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