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JG Automotive is the commercial office of Indo-MIM in Spain, world leader manufacturer and supplier of MIM casting.

MIM (Metal Injection Molding), as it is fusion by injection, allows reaching tolerances even narrower than investment casting and makes possible to fill intricate geometries better than other casting processes, thus, designers no longer have the traditional limitations when trying to mold stainless steel, nickel – iron, copper, titanium and other metals, although this process has a higher cost.


For MIM (metal injection molding) process, we can use a wide variety of metal alloys, such as various steels, titanium, copper, nickel and more are available. JG Automotive can manufacture its precision components in the perfect material for your application.


MIM merges two established technologies: plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy. MIM technology offers more desing freedom than many other production processes.

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