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Machining from Forging or Casting

Machining from Forging or Casting

JG is specialized in the production of components used in the industrial and automotive applications. In this way we use the previous shapes of material, in order to reduce the raw material and improvement in final mechanical properties of the pieces.

The casting process achieves final dimensional tolerances without additional operations to the product; and with the forging we can increase the mechanical properties of the pieces in order to enlarge the range of using for the components; and optimize the ratio weight/resistance.

We count with modern equipment (CNC lathes and machining center, CMM 3D machines, …) and high skilled workforce in order to ensure for our customers high grade of quality, reduction costs, and good service in the custom deliveries.

Some examples for pieces made from forging are as follows:

crankshaft, axles, gears, hubs, pistons, alternators, valves, supports, seat components, flanges….

Several parts of the mentioned components could be produced also by casting, depending on the required mechanical properties for the components.

Examples of casting pieces as follows: housing, levers, couplings, bushings… and whatever with high complex geometry.

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