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Investment casting

investment casting parts

Investment casting

Thanks to the technology of Investment Casting we obtain pieces of complex geometries, with narrow tolerances and very tight roughnesses without having to rework the piece a posteriori with machining or welding.

This contributes to great savings and final finishes of great quality in a single production process. We are specialized in pieces from few grams up to 75 kilos in this technology. The excellent quality of the surface finishing allows us to insert the desired logo or code directly from the mold.

Investment Casting allows us to melt any material without changing its mechanical properties.

To produce the pieces, wax models are made through the use of molds made of aluminum by machining or EDM, successively placed in appropriate tanks containing thermosetting resins and ceramic microgranules. Both joints polymerize, rising an outer coating resistant to the very high temperatures of the melt metals.

In order to minimize the possibility of formation of micorporosities in the foundries, the so-called “Cluster” or “Shell” is introduced inside a high temperature autoclave for the complete evacuation of the residual wax, obtaining a negative mold ready for the following operation. Then, after properly preheating the “Shell” or “Cluster” the melt metal is emptied therein and allowed to cool in a controlled temperature environment to avoid any hardening of the metal. The outer shell will be destroyed and the molten sheets of the fusions will be removed one by one before proceeding to the following machining or surface finishes.


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