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Grey iron casting

Grey iron casting

JG Automotive is a supplier and manager in the manufacture of parts and components in Gray cast iron.

The gray cast iron is mainly oriented for parts with low mechanical requirements, gray cast iron is a very interesting option given its low cost.

It is suitable for short, medium or high series allowing very interesting economies of scale for certain products whose function implies resisting high temperatures or without mechanical purpose.

In Gray Foundry, most of the carbon content in gray iron occurs in the form of graphite scales or sheets, which give iron its color and desirable properties.

Gray iron is easy to machine, has high tempering ability and good flowability for casting, but is brittle and low tensile strength.

Gray iron is widely used in applications such as bases or pedestals for machines, tools, racks for heavy machinery, and cylinder blocks for vehicle engines, brake discs, agricultural tools, stoves, boilers, among others.

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