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Aluminum and Steel Extrusion

Aluminum and Steel Extrusion

JG Automotive is supplier and manager in the manufacture of components of aluminum and steel extrusion, mainly focused on parts and components in the transport sector: automotive, bus and rail.

The term “extrusion” is usually applied both to the process and to the product obtained when a hot cylindrical ingot of aluminum (called billet) passes through a matrix with the appropriate shape (direct extrusion or forward). The resulting profile can be used in long stretches, or it can be cut for use in structures, vehicles or components.

Extruded Products represent more than 50% of the European aluminum products market; of this percentage, the building sector uses most of it. In addition, extruded aluminum is also used in the transport of cargoes, in aircraft fuselages, road vehicles railways, and marine applications.

The versatility of the extrusion process in terms of the number of alloys and possible shapes makes it one of the most valuable elements when it comes to allowing the aluminum profile manufacturer to offer customers solutions for their design needs.

The most common products made by extrusion are: Tubes, structural profiles and for frames, rods, rails, joints, plates, seat rails and rings for engines.


1- Good resistance to fire and arc of resistance.

2- Fuel savings. Savings of 6% in consumption.

3- High performance in shock absorption. It can absorb resistance between 55-60% compared to steel.

4- Low emission and longer useful life. 1kg Aluminum equals 2 kg of steel.

5- Recyclable. Scrap aluminum reaches a value of about $ 1,550 / Ton. Around 75% of aluminum is recycled in the earth.

6- All the weight of the vehicle is lighter, reducing in a 10% the weight of a steel body.

The benefits that aluminum achieves with respect to steel are mainly: the simplicity of the structure, lower cost, lighter, easy to assemble and easy to repair.

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