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Cold forging

Cold Forging

JG Automotive is a supplier and manufacturer of metal parts and components developed in cold forging is possible, we reduce substantially the costs comparing to other technologies like: turning, gear carving or hot forging plus mechaning. This technology is especially recommended for long production series and low weight parts.

Customers can choose this technology for a number of reasons:

Cold forged parts require little or no finishing work which saves manufacturing costs. It is also less susceptible to contamination problems and the final component has a better overall surface finish.

Other benefits of cold forging include: Easier to impart directional properties, improved interchangeability, better reproducibility, greater dimensional control, handle high stresses and high loads and produce net shape or parts of net shape.

The products that can be manufactured mainly in this technology are: screws, fasteners, nuts, bolts, suspension parts, anti lock-braking systems, axles, bits, clutch hubs, gears, pinions, pins, threads, transmission gears, intermediate shafts, sleeves, etc.

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