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AT/CVT Gears

Sun and Planet Gear

O-OKA Developed Small-module and multi-gear product for sun/pinion gear for AT planetary unit according to customer’s request. In additional to our helicoidal teeth forming technology, we are able to supply the finished parts with teeth finishing.

Internal gear

Precision forged internal gear, which is developed for a reduction unit, has smoother and higher accuracy compared to conventional helical broaching or gear shaper production, and contributes to a noise reduction. A unique process with a work-hardening also provides a reduction in total process and cost.

Park lock Gear

O-OKA’s Parking gear which is designated as security part for protecting car user ensures a firm strength and a safe drive.


By utilizing advantage of forging, several parts can be integrated into One piece. O-OKA is able to propose the best solution and develop product with customer.

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