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Aluminum casting

Aluminum casting

JG is a supplier and manager in the manufacture of cast aluminum parts, components and parts.

The aluminum casting had its main advantage in the reduction of the weight in 7 times with respect to the steel foundry, although its price is higher. We can provide it either by injection process or gravity or mixed, as well as in processes under high pressure or low pressure.

The addition of aluminum quantities over 6.5% removes the graphite in the foundries and causes the matrix formed by ferrite and complex carbides to appear. This ferritic structure such as that of silicon smelters is very stainless and refractory to heat.

The two most important classes are:

1. Foundries with 7% aluminum that have good fire resistance and can be used up to 950 ° C They are mechanized quite well. Its tensile strength is about 18 kg / mm2 and its Brinell hardness 300.

2. Castings with more than 8% aluminum which have very good oxidation resistance and can be used at higher temperatures up to about 1000 ° C. They are difficult to machine except the grinding wheel. Its tensile strength is about 13 kg / mm2 and its hardness usually varies from 250 to 500 Brinell.


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