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Peugeot wants to dominate the sky with the private jet HX1

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The latest creation of the Peugeot Design Lab is inspired by the concept car that bears the same name. It can only be ordered on request and still has no set price. Able to accommodate 14 passengers.

The Peugeot Design Lab, the department of the French brand created in 2012 that makes really creative ideas in all kinds of fields (motor, furniture, decoration, transport, toys, leisure …) continues to bet on the vanguard and now Has set a new goal: conquer the sky.

Your best weapon to do this is the private jet HX1. Inspired by the concept car with the same name, it offers a highly exclusive, technological and luxurious vision in line with the other designs created by the Peugeot Design Lab. The first thing that stands out right after the HX1 is its smooth profile central body up to Engine turbines, much like a military jet fighter.

The tail is mounted with stabilizers in “V” with a slope of 45º, which supposes a system pioneer in this segment of airplanes. Likewise, the wings are finished in arch with a unique LED signaling system, which combines efficient signage with artistic beauty.

For the interior, engineers at the Peugeot Design Lab, with Attila Bosci at the forefront, have thought of luxury and ergonomics as maxims, thanks to a modular design and an intelligent seating system, in which it is possible to adapt the interior by accommodating in a way Comfortable to 14 passengers in Business Class mode or create a VIP space for 8 passengers.

Like all the creations of the Peugeot Design Lab, the HX1 is a design that can only be realized on request and in a personalized and unique way, hence it does not have a defined price, based on the exclusivity and benefits that each interested party wants to include In your order, either an individual or a company.

The HX1 is not the first time that the Peugeot Design Lab dares with air transport. In collaboration with Airbus, the Lab designed the Helicopter H160 a few years ago, an evolution of the mythical model “Delfín” of the French aeronautical company that carried such modern manufacturing techniques as fairings in composite materials, biplane rear stabilizer, tail rotor Rear sloping, ‘Blue Edge’ blades … a spectacular creation for all types of use, both professional and personal or for emergencies.

POR EXPANSION – Madrid – 03/16/2017

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