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Opel Spain stops producing the Meriva

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The Opel España plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) stops producing the Opel Meriva, a model which, since its launch, has manufactured almost 1.6 million units, mainly for the German, Italian and French markets. The company last preparations to launch the new Opel Crossland X, which replaces this vehicle.

Farewell to the Opel Meriva and welcome to the Opel Crossland X. This way you can define the days that is now living Opel Spain plant in (Figueruelas), which leaves this week to produce the Opel Meriva to start full production Opel Crossland X, which will replace this model.

An adaptation for which the plant Zaragoza is finalizing the entire line of production with the latest touches, which will be held since the end of March and during the Easter holidays so that everything is ready in April to fully enter the Production of the Opel Crossland X.

A line that will be shared with another new vehicle, which will also be launched this year, Citröen’s C-Aircross, which is the result of the alliance with PSA, the first to be manufactured after the announcement of the purchase of the business. General Motors in Europe by the company.

Opel Spain began to manufacture the Opel Meriva in 2002, when it started with a production of 391 units, although in later years it has varied to reach 155,008 units in 2003, 196,048 in 2004, 181,839 in 2005, 174,321 in 2006 And 141,359 units in 2007, according to data provided by Opel España to elEconomista.es

In later years, the evolution of the market, the crisis and the changes and preferences in the taste of the consumers has made that the production figures varied and they passed from the 101,936 vehicles in 2008 to the 18,094 cars with which the year 2016 closed In total, Opel Spain has manufactured 1,593,348 units.
The Opel Meriva is a model that has been marketed mainly in Germany, a country that in all these years has been the destination of 462,159 cars with the Aragonese stamp. After him, Italy has 272,341 vehicles, France with 201,299 utilities, Great Britain with 192,832, Spain with 87,528, Belgium with 75,859, the Netherlands with 63,770 and Austria with 56,059 cars. In addition, 181,501 utilities have been sold in other markets.

El economista  – Eva Sereno (Zaragoza) – 23/03/2017 (Translation Soft)

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