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Opel sells half a million new Astra vehicles in Europe

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Opel has received more than 500,000 orders for the new Astra throughout Europe, making it the second-best compact vehicle in the region.

It is the second best-selling model in its segment in Germany, the third in Spain and the first in the Netherlands, according to a statement.

The firm has stated that this vehicle is characterized by lightweight architecture, highly efficient propulsion technologies, innovative digital connectivity and advanced driver assistance systems.

Its most outstanding technological aspects include the Opel OnStar personal assistance and connectivity system and the IntelliLux LED matrix lighting system, which allows permanent traffic to the permanent main beam without dazzling other drivers.

The most frequently integrated customer solutions on its new Astra are the Opel Eye (67%) front camera, the Navi 900 IntelliLink multimedia system (55%) and AGR certified (25%) ergonomic front seats with massage function , ventilation and adjustment of the side supports.

On the other hand, more than 60% of Astra buyers in Europe and around 67.5% in Spain have opted for the highest finishing options since the ‘Car of the Year 2016’ was launched.

“The high demand for state-of-the-art innovations and equipment, including state-of-the-art attendance systems, demonstrates that our philosophy of bringing the latest technologies to the compact class and therefore making them available to a wide audience is accurate,” highlighted the director of Sales and After Sales Opel, Peter Küspert.

EXPANSION – BY EUROPE PRESSMADRID – 09/25/2017  (Translation Soft)

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