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Nissan makes the brake pedal disappear

Automotive News

The new Leaf will feature the e-Pedal, a revolutionary technology that will transform our way of driving

The electric car is for many the vehicle of the future. The Nissan Leaf is one of the cars with this type of energy that more success has worldwide, and has been in great measure the one in charge to begin the route towards the elerificación.

Today, the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, with more than 277,000 units sold globally. But this model goes even further, since, according to the name of the Japanese firm, the new generation of the Leaf will be endowed with what they call “e-Pedal”, a technological revolution that will transform our way of driving and in practice Removal of the brake pedal.

This technology is activated by a switch that converts the accelerator to the e-Pedal and allows the driver to accelerate, brake and stop the vehicle using only the accelerator pedal. The e-Pedal technology is the first in the world with a pedal of an operation that allows the driver to brake the vehicle totally even in slope, to maintain its position and to return to the march of immediate form.

The driver can cover 90% of your driving needs with the e-Pedal. In dense traffic situations and commuting in the city, drivers will reduce the need to change from one pedal to another, so driving will be simpler and more attractive.

ABC.es – @abc_motor Madrid – 19/07/2017

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