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Motorcycle registrations fell in Spain by 14.4% in September

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Motorcycle registrations in Spain have fallen by 14.4% in September compared to the same month in 2016, to 12,389 units, according to data published today by the National Association of Companies of the Sector Two Wheels (Anesdor).

In the accumulated of the year have sold 105,230 units in the Spanish market, which represents a decrease of 8% compared to the same period last year.

The moped market registered a 14.4% growth last month, reaching 2,069 units, and, until September, 15,604 vehicles were delivered, a 21.9% increase.

In three- and four-wheel vehicles, 175 tricycles (46.6% less), 192 light quadricycles (9.1% more) and 143 quadricycles (13.9% less) were registered in September.

By channels, Rent a Bike is the only one that has recorded growth in September, 34% more and 142 units sold.
In turn, sales through the private channel dropped 15% to 10,884 units; while channel companies have fallen 7%, with 1,363 units registered.

By use segments, motor scooters have represented 61% of the market of the two wheels, with 7,520 units registered in September.

Meanwhile, road motorcycles have concentrated 34% of the total market, with 4,223 units registered in September.
As far as motorbikes are concerned, their penetration in the market is smaller; 5% and 620 units registered in the last month.
By brands, the head of sales was in September Honda (2,580 units, up 8%), followed by Yamaha (1,712, down 18.9%) and Kymco (1,590, down 31.9%).

For models, last month, the top three positions were for Honda SH 125I (551 units, down 17.9%), Honda PCX 125 (540 units, up 26.5%), and Kymco Agility City 125 (537, 39.9% less).

On these figures, the general secretary of Anesdor, Jose Maria Riaño, has indicated that “the decrease in sales of new motorcycles exacerbates the problem of the antiquity of the park.”

In this sense, and according to the latest data, the average age of the motorcycle park is already 15.6 years, an increase of 6% in just two years.

From the association they see “with concern” these data by their “negative consequences on the environment and the safety of the motorists”, pointed Riaño.

In this context, Anesdor recalled the need for the administration to implement structural measures to renew the motorcycle park, “one of the oldest in the European Union.”

EFE – Madrid EL DIARIO -03/10/2017 (Translation Soft)

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