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Mercedes X Class, the first ‘pick up’ of the brand arrives in November

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is the first pick up of the star brand. It will be available in Spain from November 4th. The price for the basic version starts at 36,200 euros.

“The X-Class is the Mercedes among the pick up.” This was presented by Dieter Zetsche, president of Daimler AG, the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle in this segment. It will be available in our market from November 4 and at a price of 33,200 euros *.

* (This price would include the Franco Factory price, 21% VAT and a Registration Tax of 4.75%. This is indicative because Mercedes has not given the figure of Class X CO2 emissions).

Class X is a pick up (vehicle with separate cargo area and passenger compartment) medium. The design is based on the X-Class prototype presented in Stockholm last October. The front image of the vehicle clearly reminds a Mercedes with the star dominating the grill as it happens in all models of the brand. A grill and a spotlights integrated with the sides, that remember the image of its todocaminos.

The vehicle has little front overhang and a wheelbase of 3.15 meters. The passenger compartment is centered, while the rear overhang is much larger and includes part of the cargo box.


The Class X measures 5.34 meters long, 1.92 m. Wide without mirrors and 1.81 meters high. It can carry a payload of 1,042 kilos. For example, it could transport 17 barrels of beer of 50 liters. Mercedes explains that its tractive force amounts to 3.5 tons, which allows to hook a trailer with a yacht of eight meters or with three horses.

Specifically, the box for the load is 1.58 meters long, 1.56 meters wide and has 47 inches in height. Enter a europalet in a transverse position between the two wheel arches. Mercedes offers the standard bumper with an integrated step for easy access to the cargo box. The gate opens at a 90 degree angle, but if it is required to fall down to the gate of a light truck (180 degrees), you can order Class X without rear bumper. The third brake light integrates LED lights that are used to illuminate the base of the load from a switch located in the center console. This function is switched off when the vehicle is started. Finally, as standard, the box has a 12-volt electrical outlet.


The X-Class will be available at launch with the 2.3-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with two power ratings, 163 and 190 horsepower, for the X 220 d and X 250 d versions, respectively. These two, most requested in Europe, will be available with rear-wheel drive and 4Matic attachable all-wheel drive (all-wheel drive includes downhill descent control). They have a six-speed manual transmission. The most powerful engine can incorporate a seven-speed automatic transmission.

It will have a 165-horsepower gasoline engine that at first is not expected to arrive in Spain. Mercedes talks about countries like Morocco or Dubai as the destination of this mechanic.

In mid-2018, the X-Class will incorporate a six-cylinder diesel engine with 258 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. It is the same mechanics introduced by the Class V pickup truck. It is always associated with automatic transmission and 4Matic permanent all-wheel drive. It includes cams on the steering wheel and the possibility of choosing between five driving modes: comfort, eco, sport, manual and off-road. This mechanical combination will be the only one that can be purchased with permanent all-wheel drive with rear differential lock option.

Regarding the undercarriage, which Mercedes calls Confort and will be standard for all European markets, it includes an articulated trapezoidal front axle and a multi-arm rear axle with rigid elements. We have seen that the X-Class is very comfortable and dynamic both on and off the asphalt around Cape Town. Better with 4Matic traction.

The tires are 17, 18 or 19 inches. The X-Class is the only pick up, according to Mercedes, which incorporates ventilated discs in the brakes of 32 centimeters in the rear axle and 30 in the front.

Class X has a ground clearance of 20 centimeters (two more for those who choose a more campero undercarriage). It has minimum attack angles of 28.8º and exit of 23.8º, the lateral inclination is 49.8º and the ramp angle is 20.4º.

Three equipments and connectivity

Mercedes offers the Class X with three levels of equipment, Pure, Progressive and Power. The first one focuses on the classic use of the pick up, more focused on work. The second raises the degree of equipment and already has the bumper in the color of the body, while the third becomes more urban, putting the focus on those customers adventurous, who like large and flashy vehicles. And for those lovers of the most refined luxury and the leather finishes inside the vehicle.

Mercedes will offer its customers endless options to customize the vehicle and for the enclosure of the back box.

At the same time, the signature of the star incorporates driving aids such as active braking system, alert for inadvertent lane change, speed control or recognition of traffic signals.

In the interior, which remembers in the position of the driver to the Class V, you can count on the infotainment system of the Mercedes van and passenger cars. In addition, the X-Class will be a vehicle connected through the customer’s mobile. This way you can access services such as emergency call, geolocation to know where the vehicle is, programming of reviews and troubleshooting.

The customer may choose to enter a SIM card in the car to be connected. In this way, you can have traffic information in real time in European countries, so that the browser can anticipate a traffic jam with an error of only 100 meters.

Made in Spain

The X-Class Mercedes is manufactured in the Nissan plant in Barcelona, ​​thanks to the joint manufacturing strategy of the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler. In fact, it is based on the Nissan Navara and also shares chassis and mechanical elements with the Renault Alaskan. In fact, the first models of Class X are already assembled in the line of the Navara in Zona Franca and the series production will begin at the end of the summer.

From Barcelona will leave Class X destined for European markets, for South Africa and for Australia. In 2019, will begin to take place in the plant that Renault has in Cordoba (Argentina), where the diamond signature produces the Alaskan. From there the Mercedes pick up will be distributed to the Argentine and Brazilian markets.

EXPANSION – POR FÉLIX GARCÍA – Cape Town (Sudáfrica) – 18/07/2017 (Translation Soft)


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