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Mercedes Class E300 Coupe: automaton distinction

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Comfort, elegance and high technological endowment are the fundamental elements of the Mercedes E-Class Coupe.

We have already talked long and hard about the coupe variant of the Mercedes E Class, which can already be ordered in the three engines that comes: two petrol, E300 of 245 horses and E400 of 333 horses and E220d diesel of 194 horses. The prices start from 58,500 euros, 74,900 euros and 53,700 euros, respectively.

During the international presentation of the vehicle we tested more thoroughly the variant E300 with its engine of four cylinders that cubes 2.0 liters and that gives a power of 245 horses, whose mechanics was associated to the automatic change of 9 speeds.

First two dimensions notes. It measures 4.81 meters long, is almost 7 centimeters wider than its predecessor and 6.6 centimeters smaller than the Class E saloon from which it derives. Body coupe, of course, with two doors whose access is comfortable both front and rear. The seats were electric so just push the lever to advance the backrest, they alone move (calmly) forward, freeing up enough space to access the two rear seats.

In them, two people of 1.8 meters of height can travel with comfort. In my case, I have been on a stretch of the Costa Brava rally back with the laptop and I have not gotten dizzy. In addition I was connected through the Wifi provided by the vehicle itself. Although we must say that the speed was not very high because we were behind a truck several kilometers.

Once at the wheel, the first thing to say is that it is a vehicle that is not designed at first to be a supercar. Therefore, comfort and elegance excel. It offers high comfort with good finishes and only aerodynamic noises are perceived by the joints of the front and rear windows. Noises perceived as there was strong wind.

If we pass in the driving modes of the Eco or Comfort to the Sport +, the E300 Class becomes more fun. Obviously, it is not an SLC, but its 2.87 meters of distance between axles allows us certain joys. Yes you can see its weight, about 1,700 kilos, when coming out of closed corners and stinging up. However, we have made overtaking safely and quickly. Lowering two or three ratios with the cams of the steering wheel and stepping in depth, it recovers fast speed from 70 or 80 km / h.

BY FÉLIX GARCÍA- Girona – @felixgarfdz – 03/13/2017 (Translation Soft)

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