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Mercedes-Benz presents the new S Class Coupé and Cabrio

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The range of Mercedes does not stop expanding with surprises as suggestive as these new versions of the S-Class

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible

“The new S-Class Coupé and Cabriolet embody our interpretation of modern luxury with a unique and unmistakable design and a carrier that transmits a high-value impression with its noble materials. But that is not all. Both luxury four-seater vehicles are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology in the S-Class, “said Britta Seeger, a member of the board of directors of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

New S-Class Coupé and Cabrio

The closed version Coupé shows an exquisite sportsmanship

The two new versions of the S-Class will arrive with the same features and innovations introduced in the sedan, such as new driver assistance systems, the new widescreen driving position and its new generation of steering wheels, ENERGIZING comfort control or latest generation of infotainment equipment. Also, and at least for the time being, the two-door models, exclusive and as standard equipment, are the innovative rear lights in OLED technology.

As for its aesthetics, the new Coupé and Cabrio continue the evolution of the sporty design with a front apron with chrome front splitter and bulky air intakes. The redesigned side skirts and chrome trim on the double exhaust outlet in V12 design help to accentuate the dynamic look.

The interior of the Coupé is spacious and elegant

The AMG Line equipment line is more dynamic as a result of the incorporation of new front and rear skirts. A particularly striking detail of the front are the large air intakes of three-dimensional conformation, including two chrome profiles in each opening.


The interior of the new S-Class models comes with two new screens that already enjoy the high resolution Class E and S and 12.3 inches diagonal. Both fused under a single glass blanket make up a widescreen driving position that accentuates the horizontal structuring of the dashboard.

In the first screen we will have the traditional clocks but in digital format, modifiable to our taste with three different styles: “Classic”, “Sports” and “Advanced”, while in the central screen everything related to the browser, entertainment, etc.

The elegance of the Cabrio is seen at first sight

Both models feature touch control buttons on the steering wheel. In this way, the driver can control all the functions of the dashboard and the information and entertainment system without having to separate the hands from the steering wheel. Another novelty is the possibility of activating the DISTRONIC and Tempomat systems from control elements integrated in the steering wheel.


For the first time, the system of phonic control has been extended to vehicle functions. In this way it is possible to control the air conditioning, the heating and ventilation of the seats, the lighting (ambient light, reading light, light in the rear seats), the air freshener / ionization, the massage function of the seats and the Head-up-Display. Depending on the language chosen and the equipment of the vehicle, this device comprises up to 450 individual voice commands.

The latest generation COMAND Online system offers fast 3D hard disk navigation with topographic representation, three-dimensional photorealistic view of buildings and three-dimensional map rotations. The navigation map shows a lot of information: in addition to the density of the traffic in real time, for example Car-to-X warning messages, meteorological information, the position of gas stations, including the current fuel price, and free parking spaces.

In addition, with the new personal adviser on points of interest en route, Mercedes me connect clients can make use of many personalized services: from restaurant reservation to restaurant, advice on tourist routes, information and booking of cultural and sporting events to the sending of navigation destinations directly to the vehicle.


The ENERGIZING comfort control (optional) connects different vehicle comfort systems to each other. It selectively combines functions of the air conditioning (including ambience), of the seats (heating, ventilation, massage), of the heating of surfaces, as well as different effects of light and musical, allowing a welfare adjustment specially adapted to the mood or personal preferences of the client. In this way they improve the well-being and the capacity of concentration.

Depending on the equipment, it is possible to choose between six programs and 64 different colors: Freshness, Heat, Vitality, Pleasure Environment, Wellness, Training (three training series – Muscle Relaxation, Muscle Activation, Balance – with several exercises each)

The two screens show everything imaginable in both models

Infotainment and wireless recharge

As standard, both models have the latest generation COMAND Online infotainment system and with the help of Near Field Communication, our smartphone will become a digital key of the vehicle. It is also possible to use the CarPlay ™ infotainment system based on Apple smartphones and the Android Auto ™ system.

Mobile phones can be recharged as standard with no need for cables or mobile phone holder by induction.

New driving assistance systems with extended functions

Coupé Versions

The DISTRONIC active distance assistant and the active steering assist assist the driver in an even more comfortable way to maintain the safety distance and the guiding of the vehicle. For example, by automatically adapting speed in curves or when approaching a junction or a roundabout (individual functions may show differences in different countries). To do this, the DISTRONIC active distance assistant uses a higher volume than before for cartographic and navigation data.

The chassis capable of seeing is now more precise

The optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL undercarriage with active tilting function was introduced in 2014 in the S-Class Coupé as a world premiere in a standard car. This equipment tilts the body up to 2.65 ° towards the interior of the curve, thus reducing the transverse forces to which the occupants are exposed. The innovative system recognizes the curves with the help of the stereoscopic camera behind the windshield and a transverse acceleration sensor of the ROAD SURFACE SCAN undercarriage. This chassis adjustment has been further refined in the new S-Class Coupé. The new stereoscopic camera of the system distinguishes itself by a clearly improved performance, so that it can operate in a superior speed range, up to 180 km / h.

The S-Class Cabrio is fitted as standard with the AIRMATIC semi-active air suspension system with progressive damping regulation.

Cabrio Versions

New twin-turbo V8 engine with selective cylinder disconnection

The new V8 twin-turbo engine incorporated in the S 560 Coupé and the S 560 Convertible is one of the V8 gasoline groups with lower fuel consumption. Compared with its predecessor, it is content with 8% less. In order to reduce fuel consumption, a function has been implemented in the new V8 that disconnects four cylinders in the partial load range with the help of the CAMTRONIC valve control (coupé only). This reduces the losses caused by the intake and exhaust cycle and increases the total efficiency of the four active cylinders by moving the operating point in the direction of the highest load range. Another peculiarity are the turbochargers arranged in the “V” that form the cylinder banks. The new V8 develops 345 kW (469 hp) and 700 Nm.

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