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Land Rover Discovery: this is a allroad

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We got behind the wheel of the fifth generation Land Rover Discovery. It implies a revolution in the design model, but what about benefits?
The Discovery, the versatile Land Rover par excellence. It does not have the glamor of the Range Rover but it is the versatile vehicle and, above all, more off-road: protagonist of the muddy and long routes of the Camel Trophy, habitual of the British and also Spanish hunts, while allowing for the City with relative comfort.
Land Rover has sold 1.2 million units of Discovery’s four generations since its arrival in 1989. That’s why radical change is a risky bet for the brand. Nevertheless, the company carries more than 20,500 orders of the new generation.


Radical change

The main revolution is design. It is no longer an SUV with an all-terrain look. This is no longer taken. “It does not want the customer”, they say in Land Rover reason why the Discovery has been “evoked”. But the Discovery customer is special. Or if not tell the brand that has had to vary their sketches about the possible successor of Defender. The new Discovery is not a hulk. It is not square, has no edges, nor does it look like a manatee. However, it has 4.97 meters in length, and gains 4 centimeters of battle until 2.92 meters.

In spite of the radical change, the Discovery maintains that higher back, signal of identity of the model. It is also reflected in the interior since the second and, above all, the third row are higher as a graderio to improve the vision. Of course, the second row moves 16 centimeters logitudinally to gain cargo space or to give greater comfort to the two passengers in the third row. In the latter can travel two adults of 1.8 meters in relative comfort.

Access and interior space

And access? Relatively comfortable. We do not have a marble staircase but you can enter by reclining the side seat of the second row. And the seats can be lowered from the front center screen, from the app on our mobile or from the buttons located in the back of the trunk. In 14 seconds the seats are folded or raised.
The latter has a capacity of 1,125 meters in the configuration of five seats (with the one of seven we were left with a testimonial space for the load. If we lower the second row, the capacity increases to 2,500 liters, the floor is flat and can be put An object 2 meters long and 1.4 meters wide.
Do not forget that the tailgate changes. Now it is not divided into two. Land Rover introduces the Range Rover solution. At the same time that the single door is opened, a plate that holds up to 300 kilograms is opened from the inside out of the vehicle. This is a nod to Discovery’s traditional customers and the air suspension can bring the vehicle closer to the ground by 4 centimeters, both to enter the load and to get on and off the vehicle.

… behavior of real todocamino

However, in spite of its more youthful appearance, the Discovery has not lost its versatility off road. During the presentation we drove about 50 miles on sand paths in the desert between the canyons of Zion National Park and Canyon Point on the way to Lake Powell in Utah. At no point did we have to operate the Terrain Response 2 Arena mode. In Auto mode, Discovery overcame the ride smoothly and with a high level of comfort for the occupants.

In the same way, we overcome a mountain of rock with an overwhelming security and solvency. With no stranger chassis or suspension sounds and thanks to its balance of 50:50 pesos, the car is able, even with two wheels diagonally in the air, to open the tailgate. A sign of confidence in the exceptional chassis.
Not content with this, we also stopped at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park near Kanab, Utah. More than six kilometers attacking the crests of the dunes while it was snowing or raining and with two degrees of temperature. Removing tire pressure, with LOW position and Terrain Response 2 in Arena mode, we overcome the dunes with the six-cylinder diesel engine without problems. And if we were stuck it was more because of the traffic we were carrying ahead of because of lack of capacity of the Discovery. At no point did we have to pull slings out of the way. Reverse to climb up the dune and gas in the background to raise it again. No sweating.

On leaving the Coral Rose Dunes we had to cross a nine-kilometer dirt track. The fun was elevated given the numerous contravolantes. With a fourth of mud, the Discovery was able to circulate at 50 kilometers per hour. Also, I insist, comfortably for the occupants.
For all this, it must be said that the Discovery has not lost the capacity to take its passengers practically allende want.

And on the road?

Its thinning, its aesthetic todocamino (SUV) have made that its aplomb in the highway has increased considerably in relation to its predecessor. It shows a lot, the difference. It is not a coupe tourism, it is obvious. But you can climb a mountain at a happy pace; To carry out overtaking in curve with visibility and good support to the endless trailers of merchandise that circulate by the USA.

As for the engines we have been able to test the 2.0 four-cylinder diesel with 240 hp and the six-cylinder with 258 hp. Both calmly solve obstacles and move the vehicle with confidence. For efficiency, we are left with the four-cylinder: part of 60,500 euros, while the most powerful makes 65,300 euros. The first emits 168 grams of CO2 per kilometer while the second homologizes 189 grams of CO2. If we are to stay with some engine for smoothness, elasticity and level of sonority, we loved the six cylinders of gasoline, of little success in Spain. In terms of consumption, the four cylinders is the option getting lower 8 liters in mixed cycle without abusing the accelerator.

The soundproofing of the passenger compartment is high, hardly notice the tread of the tires. And the vehicle at 120 km / h road is quiet and does not swing despite the side wind. Is a Range Rover Sport more comfortable? Yes. But the difference now with the Land Rover Discovery has been wiped to a high degree. During the test we performed more than 400 kilometers by road. When I got out of the car, I did not feel any tiredness.

Driving Assistants

He assisted adaptive cruise control and lane maintenance. It works perfectly. It not only adapts to the speed of the vehicle that precedes us but is capable of correcting the trajectory by itself if we get out of the way. It also completely stops the vehicle if the one that precedes stops us completely.

Even if we do not have cruise control on, the Discovery brakes by itself to stop the vehicle completely by making an emergency stop to avoid a collision.
Those who use the Discovery to tow a caravan or a boat also have aids. First the car can go down to 6 centimeters to engage the trailer. Second, to perform a reverse maneuver to bring the boat closer to the water, there is a feature that causes the Discovery to accelerate and brake by itself while the driver drives the steering wheel through the Terrain Response wheel with images coming from the Rear view camera projecting into the 10-inch central touchscreen.

First Discovery Digital

This Discovery is the first digital. All the units tested had a SIM card so, when there was coverage, we were connected to the Internet through the WiFi of the car that allows eight devices to browse the Web at the same time.

And we were able to charge the mobile through two of its nine USB ports and it has a hard disk of storage of 60 gigas. In addition the central screen has the double vision that allows to see at the same time to the driver the map of the navigator and the copilot a film.

Land Rover introduces the In Control system that already have other models in its range. It is divided into three parts. On the one hand the connected browser (Touch Pro). Through the In Control Route Planner app (route planner) you can program the route on the mobile and, through the cloud, is passed to the vehicle when you start the journey.
This connectivity allows you to view 360 degree images of the destination. Land Rover claims that it has 35 apps compatible with mobile iOs and Android systems.

The third leg of the In Control system would be the Remote. From the mobile you can open and close the car, set the position of the seats and all without disconnecting the alarm. Also available is the Activity Key which is a bracelet with RFID technology that is the same as the credit cards or mobile phones. For example, leaving the key of the car inside, with the bracelet we go to the beach (resista 50 meters under water), and on the turn if we approach our doll to Discovery D the tailgate opens the trunk. Of course, the car also opens as we approach the driver’s door.

First Edition

Land Rover already accepts orders from Discovery in Spain and the first deliveries will be made next April. As has become customary in the latest launches of Jaguar and Land Rover will be a First Edition (2,400 units worldwide) priced at 91,750 euros with 21-inch wheels and fully equipped with the six-cylinder diesel engine and 258 horses .

EXPANSION  POR FÉLIX GARCÍAUtah (EEUU)@felixgarfdz  21/02/2017 (Soft translation)

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